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Has safety taken a vacation from Myrtle Beach?

South Carolina residents are not the only ones who love Myrtle Beach. Travelers and vacationers from up and down the east coast and across the country look forward to their visits to the beautiful resort town. For the next few weekends, Myrtle Beach is certain to have its share of visitors who want to take advantage of the last days of summer and the exciting activities the state offers.

Nevertheless, a recent report ranked South Carolina as the fifth most dangerous state in the country, which may not be a selling point for visitors or residents. If you recently suffered an injury due to the negligence of someone else, you may not be surprised to learn of the state's low ranking.

SC Worker's Compensation: Employee or Independent Contractor?

Employers will often attempt to classify an employee as an independent contractor to avoid paying worker's compensation claims if the employee is injured on the job.

In Sellers v. Tech Service, the South Carolina Court of Appeals held that an employee, who fell from a ladder on the job, was not an independent contractor and that Tech Service was responsible for providing worker's compensation insurance to Sellers.

Spinal Cord Injuries and Auto Accidents

According to the Mayo Clinic, motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in the United States. The spinal cord is an extremely delicate part of the body that is made up of soft tissue surrounded by vertebrae and carries nerves from the base of the brain down through the rest of the body. Spinal cord injuries can cause lifelong disability and may require ongoing, long-term treatment that must be considered before settling an auto accident case with the at-fault driver's insurance company.

Why do I Need an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Your Myrtle Beach accident attorney at Axelrod and Associates will protect your interests, make sure that you do not make costly mistakes during the claim process, negotiate with the insurance company to ensure that you are fully compensated, and take your case to trial when the at-fault driver's insurance company refuses to pay full compensation.

Aynor, SC Mayor Stopped for DUI but Not Charged

Almost a month ago, Aynor's mayor and the CFO for Horry County Schools, John Gardner, was stopped by Horry County police for driving a lawnmower down the highway.

During the traffic stop, they discovered an open beer in the lawnmower's cup holder and the mayor can be seen on video walking unsteadily. Although the incident happened on August 25, the mayor has not been charged and there are no incident reports available.

Expert Witnesses in Auto Accident Cases

Expert witnesses are often necessary to prove each element of a plaintiff's or defendant's case following an automobile accident including liability, causation, and damages.

Eyewitnesses, or fact witnesses, can testify as to what they saw or personally experienced at an accident scene, but many issues must be established by an expert witness. Unlike eyewitnesses or fact witnesses, an expert witness is permitted to give their opinion based on their review of medical records and the evidence in a case. Your auto accident lawyer at Axelrod & Associates, P.A. has access to a wide range of reputable and reliable experts who can assist in proving your case, including:

How to Avoid an Auto Accident

If you have been involved in an auto accident, your Myrtle Beach personal injury attorney at Axelrod & Associates, P.A. is here to help you recover full compensation from the at-fault driver. We also would like to help as many people as possible avoid the trauma of car crashes, and we have compiled some of the best practices to avoid an auto accident based on our own experience with auto accident cases.

Walk a straight line toward the strongest defense possible

Were you one of approximately 16 million to visit Myrtle Beach or another South Carolina vacation location this year? The state boasts many popular spots that provide myriad opportunities for summer adventure. Perhaps you rented an expansive beach house and gathered with your entire extended family for an ocean front-week of fun, or maybe you chose a quaint little bungalow for two and visited the shore with a special someone. Such times can be the makings of wonderful lifelong memories unless, of course, something goes wrong.

Any number of things can ruin your summer vacation, from inclement weather conditions to getting pulled over in a traffic stop as you navigate busy beach town roadways. Even that might not ruin your entire vacation although it might, if bad goes to worse and a police officer asks you to step out of your vehicle and perform a field sobriety test.

The Drug Whisperer... More DRE Testimony Coming to South Carolina

The latest craze among law enforcement is Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) training, where law enforcement officers are trained to identify what drugs a person has taken for purposes of arresting them and charging them with DUI.

The training is available to South Carolina officers, and most departments have one or more officers who are certified. DRE cases are notoriously unreliable, however, and, like field sobriety tests, many officers use the tests as an excuse to charge someone they already believe is intoxicated rather than conducted an objective evaluation of a person's intoxication level.

Comparative Negligence and SC Auto Accidents

South Carolina follows a modified comparative negligence rule. This means that your recovery in an auto accident case can be reduced by the percentage that you were at fault in the accident up to 50%. Your comparative negligence must not exceed 50%, and, if it does, you are barred from recovering any damages from the other driver. If your comparative negligence as found by a jury is less than 50%, then you can still recover damages, but your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of negligence that a jury assigns to you.

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