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Whether you reside in this area, or you are from out of town, if you are charged with a crime, you will face the power of the government and its resources and the possibility of severe consequences.  Whether you are accused with a Myrtle Beach DUI, misdemeanor, or a serious felony, Axelrod & Associates can provide you attorneys with an aggressive criminal defense. While we cannot guarantee results, we can guarantee that your case will be personally handled by a skilled team of criminal defense attorneys who are devoted to fighting for your rights and keeping you informed.  Click on the links below to find out more about South Carolina law and the Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense team of Axelrod & Associates in regard to the following crimes:

Assaults & Violent Crimes

Criminal Domestic Violence

Drug Offenses

Bond Reductions

Drug Forfeitures


Juvenile Offenses

PCR & Appeals

Probation Violations

Traffic Offenses

Robbery & Burglary

Search & Seizure

Sexual Offenses

Robbery Defense Myrtle Beach

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