Over 100 Years Combined Legal Experience.


Over 100 years Combined Legal Experience


Injured By A Drunk Driver In Myrtle Beach?

DUI laws make it unlawful for a person to drive a motor vehicle if the driver’s ability to safely drive has been impaired by the effects of drugs or alcohol, or the driver is intoxicated at a level above the established BAC (blood alcohol concentration). South Carolina law defines a person as being too intoxicated to drive if their BAC level is .08 or above. In general, if a driver has three drinks or more, chances are great they are above the legal limit. Unfortunately, despite the laws that have been created to protect us, people still drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Drunk driving is a serious problem and the rates at which it occurs is very high in Myrtle Beach. If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk driver, you are entitled to recover your damages by law. No matter what the outcome is of the driver’s criminal DUI charges, you may still seek recovery for your injuries in civil court.

In civil actions, drunk driving is considered an aggravating factor, and not only may you recover the costs of your medical bills and future pain and suffering, you may be able to recover punitive damages due to the nature of the accident. Important factors that may affect your case include: the driver’s timeline indicating his whereabouts on the date in question, the intoxicating substances which were involved, and the amount of the intoxicating substances that were in the driver’s system as well as any previous drunk driving convictions for the driver.

Establishments that serve alcohol can also be held accountable they served an intoxicated person.

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