Over 100 Years Combined Legal Experience.


Over 100 years Combined Legal Experience


Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Attorneys in Myrtle Beach, SC

With over 100 years of combined experience, the pedestrian accident lawyers and bicycle accident attorneys at Axelrod & Associates are here for you if you have been injured due to a careless driver’s negligence in SC.

Many bicycle and pedestrian crashes are caused by careless drivers who:

  • Don’t look for bicycles or pedestrians before turning,
  • Are driving distracted while talking on a cellphone or using electronics,
  • Are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
  • Pull out of driveways before looking for bicycles or pedestrians on the sidewalk or road, or
  • Drive into intersections without pausing to look for pedestrians or bicycles.

Automobile crashes that involve pedestrians or bicyclists are especially heartbreaking because, while the motorist is protected by the metal cage of their vehicle, the pedestrian or bicyclist may suffer catastrophic injuries or death when soft flesh meets hard steel or pavement.

If you or a family member were hurt by a reckless driver who failed to keep a proper lookout, drove while intoxicated, or ignored the traffic laws, your Myrtle Beach pedestrian accident lawyer on the Axelrod team is here to help you.

We will negotiate with the insurance company, gather the evidence you need to prove liability and damages, and file a lawsuit for personal injury or wrongful death to recover the maximum compensation allowed under SC law and to hold the careless driver accountable for their actions.

Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in Myrtle Beach, SC

Pedestrian accidents are often tragic and catastrophic – unlike an auto accident, there is no cage of steel to protect a pedestrian from an impact with a car or truck.

Pedestrian fatalities are rising in SC and across the country. For example, according to NHTSA, 6205 pedestrians were killed in pedestrian accidents in the year 2019. Every 85 minutes, a pedestrian was killed by a motorist in America.

All drivers have a duty to look for pedestrians before making turns, to stay within their lane, to not veer onto the shoulder where pedestrians may be walking, and to look for pedestrians before proceeding through an intersection.

If you believe you may have been partly at fault for the collision because there was no crosswalk or because you were walking on the roadway, contact one of our attorneys for a professional opinion as to liability. You may be entitled to compensation under SC’s comparative negligence rules even if you were partially at fault.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Myrtle Beach, SC

Bicyclists have every right to travel on SC’s roadways, and SC does not have enough roads with bicycle lanes. When there is no bicycle lane, you have the right to travel on the road and other vehicles must respect that right even if it means driving a bit slower until it is safe to pass.

Speeding motorists, texting drivers, drunk drivers, motorists who fail to yield the right of way or who run red lights, careless drivers who open their car door without first looking for bicyclists, and drivers who just don’t bother to look both ways for a bicyclist must pay when they cause a bicycle crash, and your attorney on the Axelrod team will help you make them pay.

Your attorney will investigate the crash, determine who was at fault, help you to gather the evidence that you will need to establish both liability and damages, and we will seek punitive damages when allowed by SC law.

FAQ for Bicycle and Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Myrtle Beach, SC

If you have been involved in a bicycle crash or pedestrian accident, you may have questions.

Below, we provide some general information, but you should contact a Myrtle Beach pedestrian accident attorney immediately to discuss the specifics of your case and to find out what your options are.

Who Do You Sue After a Pedestrian Accident?

When a driver hits a pedestrian or bicyclist because the driver was negligent – for example, by failing to keep a proper lookout or by violating a SC traffic law, that driver is liable for the damage that they caused.

In some cases, there may be other third parties who were responsible for the crash, like other drivers, other pedestrians or bicyclists, businesses or residences who cause unsafe road conditions, or municipalities that fail to maintain safe roads and crosswalks.

Do Bicycles Have to Stop for Red Lights in SC?

Bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles do not have to wait for red lights that do not change for them in SC. SC’s “dead red law” allows you to proceed through a red light and treat it as if it were a stop sign if you have waited at least 120 seconds for the light to change.

How Can You Prevent Pedestrian Accidents?

NHTSA recommends that pedestrians:

  • Be predictable, follow the rules, and obey traffic signs and signals,
  • Walk on sidewalks whenever possible,
  • Walk facing traffic when there is no sidewalk, and as far away from the traffic as possible,
  • Stay alert and do not use electronic devices,
  • Cross streets at crosswalks and intersections whenever possible, and look for cars in all directions,
  • If there is no crosswalk or intersection, cross at a well-lit area,
  • Make eye contact with drivers and do not assume that they see you,
  • Wear bright clothes, reflective materials, and carry a flashlight at night,
  • Be extra careful near driveways and parking lots, and
  • Do not use alcohol or drugs when walking.

Got Axelrod?

If you have been injured by a negligent motorist in South Carolina, the Myrtle Beach pedestrian and bicycle accident attorneys at Axelrod & Associates may be able to help you to get maximum compensation for your injuries.

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