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Over 100 years Combined Legal Experience


After a Myrtle Beach car accident

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Millions of visitors come to Myrtle Beach every year. Unfortunately, some are injured in accidents involving motor vehicles.

Getting injured in an accident is always a difficult thing to deal with. Getting injured while on vacation is doubly so. Here are some tips on what you should do I you are injured in Myrtle Beach.

  1. Obtain medical care. Seek immediate medical attention, even if you do not feel seriously injured. Do not wait until you get home.  The insurance company of the other driver will claim you were not seriously injured if you wait until you get home before seeking treatment.
  2. Don’t make a recorded statement. The other driver’s insurance company may ask you to make a recorded statement.  Do not do so without legal advice.  You could make statements that will damage your case.
  3. Don’t accept a settlement offer.  The offer may be for far less that you will need to meet your future medical and other expenses.
  4. Contact a local attorney. Only an attorney who is licensed to practice law in South Carolina can represent you in a South Carolina court.  If you have a family attorney back home, your attorney can work with a local attorney to protect your interests.

Most Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyers offer a free initial consultation if you have been injured.


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