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As a tourist in Myrtle Beach, the last thing on your mind may be suffering a serious injury. Instead, you may come for the beaches, warmer weather, various attractions, golf or more.

However, negligent, careless or hazardous conditions can cause an injury where you least expect it. While walking into your hotel from a day at the beach, you may fall in the lobby, hallway or even hotel parking lot. A serious fall can be painful and costly. In fact, one in five falls results in a severe injury like broken bones, a head injury or more.

Common hazards to look out for in hotels

With potentially hundreds of guests coming in and out, recreational activities, restaurants and more, the risks of a slip-and-fall accident in a hotel can be great. Exercise reasonable care to avoid hazards like:

  • Wet floors. Whether due to spilled coffee in the lobby or wet floors surrounding the pool, you may consistently encounter spills or slippery surfaces.
  • Torn carpeting or rugs.Tears or upturned carpeting and rugs can cause you to unexpectedly lose your balance.
  • Unmarked slick surfaces. To guard against slip and falls, hotel employees must reasonably warn guests of wet surfaces.
  • Cracks in pavement. While walking to your car or waiting for a hotel shuttle, you may encounter dangerous cracks in the parking lot or sidewalk.
  • Inadequate railings. Loose, broken or otherwise inadequate railings that violate building codes can cause guests to slip on stairs or elevated surfaces.

While you may be vigilant, a fall can still occur. When you suffer an injury on vacation, understand some steps to take to hold the hotel accountable.

Hotels have a duty of care to uphold

South Carolina hotels and other businesses have a duty to protect guests on their premises. In upholding this duty, the hotel must regularly inspect the premises and correct any unsafe or hazardous conditions.

When you become injured, you must prove both that a dangerous condition caused your accident and that the hotel knew of the existence of this condition. After your fall, take photos, speak with the hotel manager, write down details of the fall and more.

According to South Carolina’s statute of limitations, injured individuals must pursue a personal injury lawsuit within three years of the incident. Because proving the negligence of the hotel can be challenging, work with a personal injury attorney to fight for the compensation you deserve.

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