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Myrtle Beach Bail-Bond Hearing Lawyer

Myrtle Beach Bail-Bond Hearing Lawyer

Bail-Bond Hearing Attorneys in Myrtle Beach, SC

When someone is arrested and charged with a crime, you may need to immediately find an experienced Myrtle Beach bail-bond hearing attorney who can help to get them out of jail.

The bail-bond hearing lawyers on the Axelrod team understand that this is a frustrating and stressful experience for family and friends as well as the person who was arrested, and you have questions that need to be answered quickly like:

  • Which jail are they in?
  • How long will it take to get a bond hearing?
  • Where will the bond hearing be?
  • Will we need to hire a bondsman?
  • Can we get a PR bond?

The answers will depend on the circumstances, like where they were arrested, which agency made the arrest, what the charges are, and whether the person has a significant prior criminal history – your bail-bond hearing attorney at Axelrod and Associates can help you to find out this information and represent your loved one at their bond hearing.

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Why Call Our Myrtle Beach, SC Bail-Bond Hearing Lawyers

If you call the bail-bond hearing lawyers on the Axelrod team for help getting your loved one out of jail, we will:

  • Meet with you and meet with our client before the bond hearing when time permits,
  • Appear at their bond hearing whenever possible, even when it is on short notice,
  • Ensure that they do not make common mistakes at the bond hearing like pleading guilty without knowing their options or making incriminating statements to the bond judge,
  • Present evidence of the defendant’s ties to the community and employment, and assure the bond court that they will appear at their upcoming court dates,
  • File a motion to set bond and work to schedule a bond hearing as quickly as possible when the charges require a circuit court to set the bond, and
  • Begin investigating the defendant’s charges and preparing their defense.

How Can a Bail-Bond Hearing Attorney Help Me?

Your bail-bond hearing lawyer can help you by:

  • Helping your family or friends to locate you after your arrest and find the time and place of your bond hearing,
  • Representing you at your initial bond hearing in the magistrate or municipal court,
  • Filing a motion to set bond when the bond must be set by a circuit court judge,
  • Negotiating with the prosecutor for a consent bond whenever possible,
  • Filing a motion to reduce bond when you are unable to post your bond, there is a change in circumstances, or six months has passed since your last bond hearing, and
  • Investigating your criminal charges, obtaining and reviewing the evidence against you, and preparing your case for negotiations or trial.

What are the Types of Bail-Bonds in SC?

There are four types of bail-bonds in SC, and the bond judge will choose one based on your circumstances, whether you are a flight risk, the nature of your charges, your employment, and your ties to the community.

The types of bonds in SC include:

  • Personal recognizance (PR) bond: the court sets a bond amount, but you are not required to pay it unless you do not appear for court. You will be released without the need for a bondsman or payment to the clerk.
  • Surety bond: You will be required to hire a bondsman who can secure your bond before you are released (then, if you do not appear in court, the bondman will either find you and take you to the jai or they will have to pay the court).
  • Cash bond: You must pay the full amount of your bond to the clerk, and it will be returned to you (minus administrative fees) at the end of the case.
  • 10% bond: You must pay 10% of the full amount of your bond to the clerk, and it will be returned to you (minus administrative fees) at the end of the case.

FAQs About South Carolina Bail-Bond Hearing Law

If you or a loved one has just been arrested in SC, you may have questions about how the bail-bond process works. Our intent is to provide general information here, and you should contact your SC bail-bond hearing lawyer on the Axelrod team immediately for answers and advice that is specific to your case.

Where is the Bail-Bond Hearing?

The location of the bond hearing depends on where you were arrested and what you were charged with.

If you were charged with an offense that does not carry a potential sentence of life in prison, your bond hearing will be at the magistrate court (usually at the jail) if you were arrested outside of city limits.

If you were charged with an offense that does not carry a potential sentence of life in prison, your bond hearing will be at the municipal court if you were arrested within city limits.

If you were charged with an offense that carries a potential sentence of life in prison, your attorney will need to file a motion to set bond and get a hearing scheduled in General Sessions Court. Although it carries a potential sentence of life in prison, burglary first degree is an exception – your bond hearing for burglary first degree charges may be held at the magistrate or municipal court.

How do I Get a PR Bond?

The bond judge must consider statutory factors when setting bond, including:

  • The nature of the charges against you,
  • Your employment,
  • Your family or other ties to the community,
  • Whether you are a flight risk, and
  • Whether you are a danger to the community.

You might get a PR bond if you have relatively minor charges, you do not have a significant criminal history, you are employed, and you have ties to the community.

In many cases, the fact that you have retained an attorney immediately signals to the court that you are taking the charges seriously, that you will return for your court dates, and it could make it more likely that the court will grant a PR bond.

Can I Get a Bond Reduction?

If you cannot pay the bond amount that was set or if the court denied your bond, we may be able to file a motion to reduce your bond, but we will need to demonstrate a change in circumstances or six months needs to have passed since the initial bond hearing.

When do I Need a Bail-Bondsman?

If the bond court sets a surety bond, you may need to hire a bondsman to secure your release. You will need to pay their fee – which is not refundable at the end of your case, and they might require additional collateral before they agree to post your bond.

Can You Leave My Child in Jail to Teach them a Lesson?


If we are retained to represent your child at their bond hearing, they are our client regardless of who paid their attorney fees. We will not leave them in jail if it is possible to secure their release unless that is what our client wants, and it is in their best interests.

How Long Will It Take to Get a Bond Hearing?

Most bond hearings on charges that do not carry a potential sentence of life in prison are held within 48 hours of the arrest.

If it is necessary to file a motion to set bond in the circuit court, it could take weeks or even months before a bond hearing is scheduled, depending on whether you retain an attorney and how soon the motion is filed.

In rare cases, the prosecutor may agree to a consent bond order which would allow the defendant to be released without waiting for a bond hearing.


If you or a family member has been arrested and is being held in jail, you should immediately contact the Myrtle Beach bail-bond hearing attorneys at Axelrod and Associates for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

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