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Myrtle Beach Contract Lawyer

Myrtle Beach Contract Lawyer

Contract Attorneys in Myrtle Beach, SC

One of the biggest pitfalls for new businesses that can cause them to fail is unanticipated litigation.

Often, the cause of unexpected litigation and its related costs is a failure to draft detailed contracts for each transaction that the business enters.

One of the most important services that an attorney can perform for their business clients is drafting effective written agreements that allow their client to avoid disputes and lawsuits. When you ensure that every transaction is covered by a contract that anticipates potential disputes and specifies each party’s obligations, rights, and remedies, there should be no question about what you owe or what is owed to you, and frivolous claims or lawsuits may be shut down quickly by referring to the signed contract.

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What Types of Transactions Do I Need Contracts For in SC?

To avoid unnecessary and costly disputes or litigation, you will want to have your SC business law attorney draft, review, or negotiate agreements like:

  • Vendor agreements: Any contract for the purchase of materials, goods, or services on behalf of the business should spell out in detail what the material, goods, or services are, what the costs are, what the remedy is for failure to perform, and any other special considerations based on the products, services, or relationship between the parties.
  • Agreements for purchase or sale: Whether it is for real estate, equipment, or any other large purchase, you should have a detailed agreement in place that covers each thing that could go wrong with the transaction and what each party’s remedies would be.
  • Operating agreements, partnership agreements, and by-laws: An important part of forming any new business is making sure that comprehensive agreements are in place that specify how business will be conducted, what happens when the company is dissolved, and the respective rights, responsibilities, and liabilities of co-owners, partners, or co-members.
  • Franchise agreements: You should always have your SC franchise agreement lawyer review the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement, advise you about what it means, and negotiate favorable terms for you – the franchisor absolutely has top business attorneys drafting the agreements that they present to you. Shouldn’t you?
  • Other agreements: Any transaction that involves a significant expenditure or ongoing services should have a written agreement that specifies the rights and responsibilities of each party to the agreement.

Detailed agreements may prevent some disputes, and they make it easier to resolve other disputes. Remember that, today, a verbal agreement and a handshake are no longer enough to protect you and your business.


Whether you are forming a new business or entering into new agreements in an existing business, you need a SC business law attorney on your side.

Your Myrtle Beach, SC contract attorney at Axelrod and Associates will draft contracts for your business that can protect you and that can prevent unnecessary litigation. Call today at 843-916-9300 or complete our contact form to set up an initial consultation to find out how we can help.


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