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Myrtle Beach Social Security Disability Appeal Attorney

Myrtle Beach Social Security Disability Appeal Attorney

SSD Appeal Lawyer in Myrtle Beach, SC

If your application for Social Security Disability benefits is denied, you have the right to appeal within a specified period of time. While the vast majority of initial claims are denied, a substantial percentage of denials are reversed on appeal. The majority of these reversals occur with the assistance of an experienced lawyer who understands the legal requirements of the Social Security Disability system, and the medical and legal evidence necessary to overturn initially denied claims.

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Levels of SSD Appeal

In general, there are four levels of appeal following any Social Security decision. Our highly skilled legal team can help you to determine if any of these appeal levels are appropriate for your case:

  • Level 1 — An informal review, referred to as a request for reconsideration, that takes place within the local Social Security office where your claim was filed
  • Level 2 — An independent review of the initial determinations made by an administrative law judge who is not bound by prior decisions and who has an opportunity to take testimony from the claimant at an administrative hearing
  • Level 3 — An appeal, based on either errors of law or the submission or new and material evidence, to the Social Security National Appeals Council in Falls Church, Virginia
  • Level 4 — Filing a lawsuit in United States District Court alleging an error of law has been made in the claim that would necessitate reversal of the prior decision or a remand to be heard again by an administrative law judge

Should You Appeal If You Are Denied By An Administrative Law Judge?

A change in the law governing the Social Security process took place several years back, forcing claimants to choose between appealing a denial by an administrative law judge and filing a new claim. There are several important aspects to consider when deciding between the two which should be discussed with an experienced disability attorney.


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