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How Do Workplace Chemicals Enter the Body?

How do workplace chemicals enter the body?

Many workplace chemicals hurt you only after they get into your system - workplace chemicals could be breathed in if they are in the air, they could be swallowed with your food or drinks, or they could enter your body through your skin or eyes...

Worker's compensation in SC covers exposure to toxic chemicals in most cases, but how can you avoid injury before you are exposed to chemicals?

In many workplaces, there will be chemicals of some sort, and working with them or around them may be part of your job description. Make sure that you know what chemicals are found in your workplace, where they are, and how to safely handle them.

Read the labels and the material safety data sheets for each type of chemical found in your workplace, and make sure that you are using the right protective gear to prevent those chemicals from entering your body.

In order to protect yourself and prevent workplace chemicals from entering your body, you first need to understand how workplace chemicals enter your body - the three main methods are breathing the chemicals, swallowing or ingesting the chemicals, or absorbing the chemicals through the skin or eyes.

Can I Sue if I was Wrongfully Arrested for DUI in SC?

Can I sue if I was wrongfully arrested for DUI in SC?

You might have a civil claim against the officer, police department, city, or county, but your first priority is making sure that a wrongful arrest for DUI doesn't become a wrongful conviction for DUI...

If you were wrongfully arrested, don't assume that the officer, a prosecutor, or even a judge is going to care - get an experienced Myrtle Beach DUI defense and personal injury lawyer on your case immediately.

If you are convicted of DUI, convicted of another offense that you could have been arrested for, plead guilty to a reduced traffic offense like reckless driving, or even if you enter a pretrial diversion program, you may lose your right to sue for the wrongful arrest.

It’s not just neglect, it’s medical malpractice

The choice to put an elderly loved on in a nursing home is a difficult one. It often means you will see them less, you may worry that they are unhappy with their new home and there is always the fear that they won’t receive the care they need.

Elder abuse and neglect in nursing homes is a real problem that effects two million people each year. And as frightening as that figure sounds, the real number is no doubt much higher because few cases are formally reported.

How will health care decisions be made if you cannot make them?

Life is unpredictable, but that does not mean that you are unable to plan for some possibilities. Although most estate planning documents focus on what you would like to happen after you pass away, advance health care directives allow you to plan what you would like to happen if you are still alive but unable to express your wishes for medical care.

Will Insurance Pay for a Drunk Driving Accident?

Will insurance pay for a drunk driving accident?

If you were hit by a drunk driver, they have to pay for the damage that they caused, right? Medical costs, hospital expenses, pain and suffering, future medical care, maybe even punitive damages?

Unless the driver has assets to pay a verdict, it's their insurance company that will pay the bill after your case settles or after a jury decides your case - but will insurance pay for a drunk driving accident?

In most cases, insurance will pay a settlement or verdict after a drunk driving accident, at least up to the policy limits. What types of insurance pay for a drunk driving accident, what types of damage will they cover, and what are other possible sources of compensation?

How to File for Divorce in SC?

How to file for divorce in SC?

First, talk to a divorce lawyer in SC. Below we will go over some general information about how to file for divorce in SC, but none of what you read here is legal advice - your attorney will be able to give you advice about the law as it applies to the unique facts of your case and your situation.

What is the procedure for divorce in SC? What documents must be filed, when do I have grounds for a divorce, and how do I prove it?

Why do I need a divorce lawyer in SC?

Social Security survivor benefits can offset income lost by death

The loss of a spouse can be emotionally and financially devastating. While nothing can bring back a loved one, Social Security survivor benefits can help some spouses ease the loss of income caused by a loved one’s passing.

Do you qualify?

How Much Does Workers' Compensation Pay in SC?

How much does workers' compensation pay in SC?

Workers' compensation in SC will pay a portion of your average weekly wage if you are disabled, your medical expenses, and future medical expenses.

How do they calculate the amount of workers' compensation benefits that an injured employee is entitled to receive? Will it be enough to compensate for your lost wages while you are out of work? Will it cover your medical costs? Future medical costs?

The answers depend on several factors, including:

  • The type of injury;
  • Your average weekly wage;
  • Your medical impairment rating;
  • Your disability rating;
  • The testimony of medical experts;
  • The type of settlement you negotiate; and
  • In many cases, whether you have an experienced SC workers' compensation attorney handling your claim for you.

Every case is different, and the details matter. If you have been injured on the job you should immediately report the injury to your employer.

Then, get a Myrtle Beach workers' compensation attorney on board to help you make your claim, prepare your medical records and medical expert's testimony, and present your case at the workers' compensation hearing if the insurance company does not settle your claim.

Can a Drug Conviction be Expunged in SC?

If you have a first-offense drug conviction in SC, your Myrtle Beach expungement attorney at Axelrod and Associates may be able to help you erase it from your record.

The types of offenses that can be expunged in SC are limited but include first-offense minor convictions in the magistrate or municipal courts, convictions under SC's Youthful Offender Act, and, under amendments to SC expungement laws that were passed last year, the types of drug convictions that can be expunged in SC have been expanded.

What is an expungement in SC? And, when can you expunge a SC drug conviction from your record?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Married in SC?

How old do you have to be to get married in SC? I've seen information online that says 18, 16, and even no age limit... which one is true?

The truth is that, if you are pregnant or have had a child, you can get married at any age in SC with parental consent. This is a problem for many people - although teenaged girls marrying older men may have been a common occurrence in centuries past, it is definitely frowned upon by most people in today's society.

The SC legislature is considering a bill that would make 18 the legal age of consent to marry without exception, but will it pass? A similar bill was vetoed in New Jersey in 2017...

How old do you have to be to get married in SC now under the current laws?

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