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Do Grandparents Have Visitation Rights in SC?

Although grandparents in South Carolina have very limited legal rights to enforce visitation or custody with their grandchildren, it is possible in many situations.

SC law gives grandparents visitation rights in specific circumstances when the child's parents are dead, divorced or separated - beyond this, courts also tend to favor grandparents' visitation or custody in situations where any third party could step in and file a custody action...

In any case, grandparents will need to understand the law of child visitation and custody in South Carolina, the factors that the Court will consider when deciding, and what evidence or testimony the Court will need to hear when making a decision.

When can grandparents in SC get visitation or custody of their grandchildren, and what needs to be proven?

When Can I Get Punitive Damages in SC?

Tort law is meant to compensate people who are hurt by other people or companies - if we did not have tort law, corporations would kill for profits, people would refuse to pay for damage that they caused, and ordinary people would turn to self-help...

Criminal law is meant to protect us from one another - if we did not have criminal laws, crime would be rampant, the strong would terrorize the weak, and ordinary people would turn to self-help...

What happens when a person or company does something that is just wrong, malicious, and harmful to others, but the criminal law doesn't provide a remedy?

Enter punitive damages - if you can prove that their conduct warrants it, you can ask jurors to punish a defendant and hopefully deter future bad conduct by awarding punitive damages against them.

Child Support in South Carolina

If you are separated from your spouse or divorced and you have minor children, child support may be one of the most important questions on your mind.

Will I get child support if I have custody of my children?

How much child support will I get - or how much child support will I have to pay?

What happens if my spouse doesn't pay child support as ordered by the court?

If I'm unable to pay child support, can I change the amount of child support that I have to pay?

The answers, of course, depend on each individual situation, but there are guidelines that the courts follow that can help to predict the outcome in each case. Below, I'll discuss some of the more common questions our clients have about child support rules in SC.

"Easy" Auto Accident Cases

Is your car wreck case a "slam dunk?"

Not so fast... it may be, but it also may be that you aren't familiar with what goes into getting full compensation in an auto case...

Many of our clients tell us they have a "slam dunk," "easy" car wreck when they walk in the door. We don't argue, but we do point out all the things that must be proven and the difficulties that they will likely face with insurance adjusters who will not pay a dime more than they have to...

Your "easy" auto accident case may not be an easy as you think - or, it may be worth more than you think.

Auto Accidents - Motorcycle, Truck, and DUI Accidents

If you are injured because of another driver's negligence, you are entitled to collect damages - regardless of what kind of vehicle either of you was driving.

All drivers have a duty to act with the level of care that a reasonable person in a similar situation would exercise - whether they are driving a Prius, a motorcycle, or an 18-wheeler.

But, if you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit, the kind of accident you were in - and what kinds of vehicles were involved - will play a role in determining how your SC auto accident attorney goes about collecting evidence and building your case.

Let's take a look at some of the types of auto accident cases the attorneys at Axelrod and Associates handle for their clients in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Alimony in South Carolina

There's so much to worry about when you're getting a divorce. Who gets custody of the kids? How much will the process cost? What will it be like dating again after so long?

For a lot of people facing a divorce - especially those who relied on their partner's income or who earn less than their partner - the most stressful question may be:

How will I pay my bills without my spouse's income?

If you're asking this question, your SC divorce attorney at Axelrod and Associates can help you determine if you are entitled to receive alimony, and, if so, how much your soon-to-be ex-spouse should pay you.

3 driving distractions you may not have considered

You, like most South Carolina drivers, understand the dangers of using a cellphone while driving. While convenient, these devices can cause immense distraction, and commonly, cellphone use results in a substantial number of serious car accidents. For this reason, you take the safety measure of putting your phone away while behind the wheel.

While this action is a beneficial one to take, you may need to understand that plenty of other distractions also exist and could easily result in car crashes. Therefore, it may also benefit you, your loved ones and others on the road to learn more about factors that could lead to distraction while driving.

How do you know if you have a valid premises liability claim?

When you visit a store, business or someone's personal place of residence, you likely have the expectation that you will not experience any threats to your personal safety or dangerous conditions that could cause you harm. However, a slip-and-fall accident caused by circumstances beyond your control could leave you with injuries and unexpected medical expenses.

You may feel embarrassed by your accident, and you might even assume that your accident was at least partially your fault, but you would be wise not to let that stop you from exploring your legal options. In many cases, South Carolina victims of slip-and-fall accidents actually have grounds to move forward with a civil claim against liable parties.

How Do I Get an Uncontested Divorce?

When married couples decide to split up, they have two basic choices: contested or uncontested divorce.

What's the difference?

In a contested divorce, the parties fight over who gets what in court. In an uncontested divorce, the parties agree on everything, live separately for the required time period, and ask the court to approve the divorce.

Which is the better option?

Everyone who can should get an uncontested divorce - the process takes less time and money when everyone agrees and there is no need for investigators, witnesses, and extensive research.

But, not everyone has the option of an uncontested divorce - it is normal for spouses going through a separation or divorce to disagree, sometimes unreasonably, about critical, emotional issues like child custody, alimony, child support, or division of assets.

What's the Procedure for an Auto Accident Claim in SC?

If you've been in an automobile accident, you are probably feeling a bit lost and confused - you may be wondering, "What's next?"

How do I document my injuries, and how do I go about proving liability or the amount of damages? How do I get paid?

Every auto accident case is different and predicting every detail of your case is impossible. But, here is a rough sketch of what your Myrtle Beach auto accident attorney at Axelrod and Associates will do - and how you can help - to demand full compensation for your injuries.

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