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Are Falls at Work Covered by Workers' Compensation in SC?

Are falls at work covered by workers' compensation?

You keep hearing and reading that any injury on the job is covered by workers' compensation - liability doesn't matter, as long as you were at work when you were hurt. Right?

Of course, your employer and the insurance company will deny or limit your claim any way they can - they are in business to make money, and compensating you for your injuries takes money out of their pocket...

What types of defenses do the insurance companies have that apply to falls at work? If you were intoxicated, they will not pay. If you were "horsing around" they will not pay. Even if you were injured "on the job," if the cause of a fall at work is not job-related, they will not pay. What if falls at work happen in the parking lot outside?

Apart from reporting the accident to your employer, do not make any unnecessary statements to your employer or the insurance company until you have met with your SC workers' compensation attorney - the insurance company will use your statements to deny your claim if possible.

Call the Myrtle Beach workers' compensation attorneys at Axelrod and Associates now or send us an email to schedule an appointment before making any statements or moving forward with your injury claim.

When Police Arrest the Victim of Domestic Violence

Many of us were told as children that the police are our friends and they are there to protect us. If there is trouble, call the police... most of us were not told that the police might arrest us, beat us, or even kill us if we call them.

Are police there to come to the rescue when we are in trouble? Most of the time, police do not arrive until the trouble is over and the carnage is done. In most cases, their job is not to proactively rescue you from your attacker - it's to clean up the aftermath, investigate, and arrest whoever is responsible.

When the police do arrive, it's an unfortunate fact that they are not necessarily arriving to help you. They might see the situation very differently than you. They might be annoyed that they were called and decide to arrest everyone (or worse). They might arrest the victim instead of or along with the attacker...

Those of us who work in the criminal justice system have seen this enough times that we know there is a real possibility that the police will investigate you, arrest you, or shoot you if you call them to your home.

Now, what do we tell our children? Do we tell them to call the police if they need help?

What is a Trademark?

What is a trademark?

If you have a business and a product to sell, you may already understand the importance of branding. Trademarks are one way to create a brand, making them a critical part of any long-term marketing plan.

How do potential customers know that a product is yours? What are the words, sounds, or images that catch a person's attention and identify your products? How can you protect your trademarks?

Below, I'll discuss what a trademark is, whether you need to register your trademarks to protect them, and two recent US Supreme Court decisions that will allow you to register "immoral" or disparaging trademarks.

Your SC business and entertainment law attorneys at Axelrod and Associates can help you to identify the trademarks that bring the most value to your business and register those trademarks with the Patent and Trademark Office for maximum benefit.

Whether you are just starting a new business venture or you have a well-known trademark that needs to be registered, call us now for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

Will Separate Bank Accounts Protect My Money in a Divorce?

Will separate bank accounts protect my money in a divorce?

The short answer is probably not, although separate bank accounts may protect your non-marital assets in a divorce...

How does equitable division work when there are separate bank accounts? Do I need to worry about my non-marital assets becoming marital assets? How can I protect myself and my money in a divorce? Below, I'll talk about why keeping separate bank accounts is not the best strategy to protect your money in a divorce in SC, as well as some methods that do work to protect your money in a divorce.

If you are considering divorce - or if you are considering marriage and you are thinking about ways to protect yourself in the event of a divorce - call the Myrtle Beach divorce lawyers at Axelrod and Associates now for a free consultation.

Consider updating your estate plan when your relationships change

Some people assume that they will never need to touch their estate plan after its creation. Unfortunately, this can result in ineffective estate plans or estate plans that do not reflect their wishes at their time of death.

Your estate plan will work best when it reflects current laws, your current situation and your current wishes. To keep your estate as up to date as possible, it may be necessary to update your plan regularly.

Failure to Register Can Result in Lifetime Electronic Monitoring in SC

Sex offenses in SC have some of the strictest sex offender registry and electronic monitoring requirements in the country. A conviction for a sex offense can result in a requirement of lifetime registration and, in some cases, lifetime electronic monitoring in SC.

The requirements have relaxed a bit over time. For example, SC courts have held that lifetime electronic monitoring in SC with no opportunity for review and no determination as to the need for electronic monitoring is unconstitutional.

On the other hand, the circumstances where courts can or must order electronic monitoring in SC have expanded. For example, courts are permitted to order electronic monitoring when a sex offender violates a condition of their probation, parole, or community supervision or when a sex offender is convicted for failure to register.

In some cases, courts are required to order electronic monitoring for failure to register or probation violations. When is electronic monitoring mandatory, when is it discretionary, and is there a way to end electronic monitoring once it has been ordered?

Five steps to evict your tenant

If an unsolvable problem occurs between you and your tenant, you may be inclined to evict them. Evicting a tenant can be a frustrating and costly process, following these steps may make the process a little easier.

1. Have a valid reason to evict

Slip and falls are common in hotels

As a tourist in Myrtle Beach, the last thing on your mind may be suffering a serious injury. Instead, you may come for the beaches, warmer weather, various attractions, golf or more.

However, negligent, careless or hazardous conditions can cause an injury where you least expect it. While walking into your hotel from a day at the beach, you may fall in the lobby, hallway or even hotel parking lot. A serious fall can be painful and costly. In fact, one in five falls results in a severe injury like broken bones, a head injury or more.

Are Occupational Skin Diseases Covered by Workers' Compensation in SC?

Occupational skin diseases are the second most common type of occupation disease and, in most cases, should be covered by workers' compensation insurance in SC.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), over 13 million people may be exposed to toxic chemicals in the workplace that can result in occupational skin diseases.

What are occupational skin diseases and what causes them? If you suspect you have an occupational skin disease caused by exposure to chemicals in your workplace, you will need to get your condition diagnosed immediately - you may have a civil lawsuit against the manufacturer or other third parties as well as a potential workers' compensation claim.

Don't delay - call or email your workers comp lawyer on the Axelrod team now for a free consultation and review of your case.

What is a Prenup in SC and Do I Need One?

What is a prenup in SC?

A "prenup" is a prenuptial agreement - an agreement that you enter into before marriage that will control what happens to your finances (and sometimes other things) if your marriage ends.

Whether you are the bride or the groom, your friends, family, and advisors may have plenty to say to you about prenups. You need one. You don't need one. You must protect yourself. After receiving ten different bits of advice from ten different people, you may be as confused as you were when it began.

What's the truth about prenups? Do you need one or not?

The answer depends on your situation - your finances, your future finances, and the financial situation of your future spouse. If you are about to tie the knot, you are probably seeing the world through rose-colored glasses right now and you don't want to do anything that would make your fiancée feel like you don't trust them...

Which is why you need to consult with a Myrtle Beach prenup lawyer as soon as possible - to determine whether a prenup is right for you and, if so, to do everything possible to protect your finances as you enter this new, happy stage of life.

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