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Suffered injury in an accident? You can seek justice

Every day, millions of drivers in the United States set out on their individual journeys across highways and city streets. Considering the number of people who spend a portion of each day on the road, the fact that car accidents happen daily may come as no surprise.

Although some motor vehicle collisions in South Carolina are minor accidents, others have more serious outcomes, including physical injuries. If you have suffered an injury in an accident resulting from another motorist's negligence, you have the right to seek to hold accountable the driver who caused the crash.

Is Distracted Walking a Thing?

According to a CBS News report, texting while walking is the cause of 10% of emergency room visits for pedestrian injuries.

Honolulu, Hawaii has become the first city in the country to pass a "texting while walking" law, which allows police to write a traffic ticket to persons who look at their phones or tablets while crossing an intersection.

Chicago is now considering a "distracted walking" law that would allow up to a $500 fine for persons who look at their phones while in an intersection.

As far as I know, Myrtle Beach and other jurisdictions in South Carolina are not considering similar bills, but I predict this will take off over the next few years like the "texting while driving" laws that are now commonplace nationwide.

What is the Statute of Limitations for a Car Wreck in SC?

The wreck was a couple of years ago. You and your husband were briefly hospitalized, and you've been in physical therapy for the neck injuries ever since.

Your doctor says you are almost finished with the physical therapy, and you are pretty sure that this is the end of the medical bills. You've been putting off calling an attorney, debating whether it is something that you can do on your own, and you've gotten quite a bit of information from websites and friends since the accident.

The first thing that the attorney's receptionist asks when you call is, "What was the date of the accident?" As it turns out, the three-year anniversary is later this week and now you cannot find an attorney who will take your case. Once your statute of limitations has passed, you can no longer file your lawsuit.

There are many reasons why you should immediately contact a Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyer after an auto accident, and statutes of limitations is one them...

Surety Bonds in South Carolina

Most people know that, if you do not appear in court, you may lose any bond that you posted when you were released.

But what happens if a SC bondsman secures your release and then you do not appear in court? What if you do appear in court but did not comply with all the conditions of your bond?

A SC Supreme Court decision issued last week held that a SC bondsman can be required to pay up to the full amount of a defendant's bond if the defendant 1) fails to appear for court or 2) does not comply with the conditions of their bond.

DUI/ Drunk Driving Auto Accidents in SC

Why do we have DUI laws in SC?

The short answer is because, when people drive drunk, they can cause carnage on the highways. Alcohol and other drugs delay a person's reaction time and can cause a person to drive more recklessly and at higher speeds. A drunk driver is more likely to collide with another vehicle or a pedestrian and, when they do have an accident, it is more likely to be severe because they are less likely to take evasive action or hit the brakes quickly.

Our DUI defense attorneys at Axelrod and Associates represent persons who are charged with DUI. Our Myrtle Beach auto accident lawyers also aggressively represent persons who have been hurt by drunk drivers and we work hard to get maximum compensation for victims of drunk drivers.

SC Senator Charged with DUI and Lying to Police

A SC senator, who is also the chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, was charged with DUI and providing false information to police after a traffic accident in Charleston.

His wife was also charged with providing false information to police. Although the article is sparse on detail, we can assume that Senator Paul Campbell was driving his car, rear-ended another vehicle, then pulled the ol' switcharoo with his wife before police arrived.

It appears that the allegations are that Campbell lied and said that his wife was driving. His wife then backed him up. After an investigation, highway patrol determined that he and the wife were lying...

Hit and Run Accidents in Myrtle Beach

Hit and run accidents in SC are more common than you might think.

A quick search for "fatal hit and run accidents" brings pages and pages of search results. When you take into consideration that most hit and runs are not fatal and that the media usually only reports the fatalities, you may get an idea of the magnitude of Myrtle Beach's hit and run problem.

Recent fatalities in the Myrtle Beach area include:

Although hit and run accidents initially do not have a defendant because they left the scene, someone is usually caught and prosecuted for the crime. In all the above-listed cases, a person was quickly apprehended and charged with hit and run. In other cases, it may take some time for police to identify a suspect.

South Carolina can't brag about its number 1 status

Aside from being the number one destination for many vacationers, South Carolina doesn't win very many high rankings. That may be why the latest report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may not be welcome news to many across the state. It seems that South Carolina has won a distinction it really doesn't want.

If you drive through the state with any frequency, you understand the dangers. Undoubtedly, you have experienced your share of near misses and perhaps even accidents. You may now be grieving the loss of a loved one who died in a traffic accident. Sadly, you are not alone. In fact, based on the NHTSA report, South Carolina ranks number one in traffic fatalities.

$10 Million Verdict in SC Wrongful Death Suit

A Columbia jury reached a verdict of $10 million in a medical malpractice trial earlier this month for a plaintiff whose doctors had detected kidney cancer on scans but did not treat her for the cancer or even tell her about it for years.

By the time she learned of the cancer, it was too late for effective treatment and she did not survive. The five-year survival rate for early stage kidney cancer is higher than 80%, but it must be diagnosed and treated...

There is no justice in wrongful death cases. But, the attorneys for this woman's estate and her family helped them to find the only justice available: 1) financial compensation; and 2) the hope that this verdict will prevent similar deaths in the future.

Atlantic Beach SC Police Chief Fired

Atlantic Beach's police chief was fired on Monday.

In September, he was charged with criminal domestic violence (CDV) 1st degree and unlawful conduct to a child. Although those charges were dismissed at a preliminary hearing on October 20, the town decided to terminate him as police chief anyway.

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