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Camden Car Accident Lawyer

Camden Car Accident Lawyer

Camden Car Accident Attorney

A car accident is a frightening experience. Our hope is that the damage is limited to the vehicles. Unfortunately, physical injuries are often a part of the consequences as well. All these injuries, particularly the more severe ones, can bring incredible disruption and turmoil to someone’s life. Even one’s ability to work and psychological health can be affected by the aftermath. These are costs, though, that need to be covered by those at fault and their insurance providers. That’s what a Camden car accident lawyer can help with.

Getting what you’re owed can often be a messy process, which is the last thing that the victims of these accidents need. By working with a car accident law firm like Axelrod & Associates, you can have someone to handle your claim.

Our team can use their understanding of the law and their experience to fight for what you’re owed. Insurance providers understand how seriously you’re taking the situation when a lawyer is involved. We are prepared to go to court so, if the right settlement isn’t offered, we can exhaust every option available to get what you’re owed.

Camden Car Accident Lawyer

Potentially Liable Parties in a Car Accident Clam

The easy assumption in a car accident claim is that one of the drivers is liable for the accident. While this is generally true in most cases, it is worth noting that there are many accidents in which the liable party, or at least a partially liable party, is not a driver.

There are a lot of different parties involved in making sure that vehicles and the roads are operating smoothly. If any one of them made an error or mistake that was negligent, it could make them liable if it caused the accident.

Some of these potentially liable parties include:

  • Another Driver in the Collision – In most accidents, it’s likely that one of the other drivers is liable for what occurred through some mistake in driving, ignoring traffic laws, or other recklessness.
  • A Driver Who Wasn’t in the Collision – Sometimes, a driver who is not directly involved in a collision could be at fault for an accident if they were driving erratically. This can cause other drivers to take evasive action that, in turn, cause an accident.
  • A Driver’s Employer – If the car accident involves a commercial vehicle, such as a truck or other delivery driver, then it’s possible that the driver’s employer may be liable. They may have had a policy, like unreasonable delivery expectations, that made reckless driving more likely.
  • The Government – As governments are responsible for the roads, traffic lights, and signage, an issue or malfunction with these could cause an accident and create liability on the part of the government.
  • A Part Manufacturer or Installer – Although rare, there are times when the failure or improper installation of a part can cause an accident. In these cases, the manufacturer or installer could be held liable for the injuries.

What a Camden Car Accident Law Firm Does

If you’re seeking fair and reasonable compensation for a car accident in Camden, SC, a car accident attorney may be able to help you achieve that. We can investigate your accident closely to identify all the potentially liable parties involved. Our team can also gather evidence that could be helpful in proving negligence.

Before a claim is filed, though, it is often useful to see if a settlement can be negotiated. There are some advantages to avoiding the expense and risk of taking a claim to trial. There are also advantages to having a lawyer negotiate on your behalf, as it can convey the realistic possibility of taking the claim to court if a settlement can’t be reached. That, along with knowing that they won’t get away with lowballing a lawyer, can lead to a negotiation partner who takes the situation a little more seriously.

If a fair settlement can’t be reached, which is sometimes the case, then we are prepared to take cases to trial. We can argue the liability of the defendant before the court and defend the compensation that you are seeking because of your injuries. Our attorneys can also defend against any accusations of fault on your part, which could be used to reduce your potential damage award. We are prepared to use whatever is legally available to us to get the compensation that you deserve.

What to Do If You’ve Been in a Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, there are a few things to remember that could be helpful in preserving your claim. However, the most important one is always that you get any injuries you have addressed. It’s critical to have paramedics check you at the scene for traumatic injuries, even if you don’t think you need to, as you may be in shock. You should also have a doctor give you a full examination afterward for anything that may have been missed.

It’s important to document the scene to whatever extent your injuries allow. If you can, try to see if someone can help you. The evidence that you can gain from this can be useful for proving what happened. It’s also important that you continue to document your costs as the process continues forward. That way, you can be properly compensated for them.

Lastly, it’s important that you be careful when speaking about the accident, and contact a personal injury lawyer quickly. You don’t want anything you say to be misconstrued as taking the blame for the accident, and a lawyer can help you avoid that.

FAQs for Car Accident Lawyers

Q: How Is Liability in a Camden Car Accident Proven?

A: Liability in a car accident is proven in roughly the same way as any personal injury claim. The process involves using whatever evidence, eyewitness accounts, or expert witness testimony that your lawyer believes can help. To succeed with your claim, you must prove the three components of negligence on the part of the defendant. These three elements are:

  • Duty to Care – A responsibility to take reasonable precautions to prevent their actions from creating a risk of harm to others
  • Breach of Duty – A failure to meet the duty of care that they had, which, in a car accident, is usually some failure to follow the rules of the road or other reckless behavior
  • Cause of Injury – Establishing a connection between the defendant’s breach and the accident, proving that the accident was the direct cause of the injuries

Q: What Is Compensated in a Car Accident?

A: A car accident claim can cover a variety of different costs. However, they must be shown to be the direct result of the injuries that were caused by the breach of duty and, by extension, the defendant.

Medical bills, both past and into the future if the injury is serious enough, are covered, as is property damage to the vehicle. Lost wages and loss of earning capacity if you are unable to return to work at the same capacity are addressed. Also, the psychological impact of the injuries is covered, including pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in life, mental anguish, and even the loss of use of a body part if applicable.

Q: When Does a Car Accident Claim Need to Be Filed By?

A: In most cases, a claim will need to be filed within three years of the accident. However, there can be some variance based on who you are attempting to hold liable, when injuries were discovered, and if minors were involved. An auto accident lawyer can help you understand the deadlines in your situation.

Q: What Are the Advantages of a Settlement?

A: There are two big advantages of settling a case instead of going to trial. One is the element of time, as you often receive the funds months or years sooner than you would by going to court. The other is the opportunity to avoid the risk that a trial might not be ruled in your favor.

A Camden Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Seek What You’re Owed

If you’re lucky, a car accident has damage to the vehicle, at a minimum. In many cases, though, there are also physical injuries and psychological impacts. All these are costs that you shouldn’t have had to face. They are the responsibility of whoever caused the accident. Realistically, though, most people never have the funds themselves to cover these kinds of costs, which is why drivers are legally required to have car insurance. It will most likely be one of these companies that you are going to be seeking compensation from.

It can be difficult to get everything that you deserve when you are dealing with these insurance companies. What they pay you will lower their profits, and most companies don’t give that up easily. That’s what makes the threat of a car accident claim such a helpful tool, but the threat of going to court needs to be credible.

Working with a Camden car accident lawyer from Axelrod & Associates, P.A., can be crucial to getting the compensation that you deserve. When we negotiate on your behalf, it gives credibility to your efforts because the companies know that if an agreement isn’t found, we are ready to seek what you’re owed in court. We fight to get our clients the just restitution they deserve, whether in a settlement or at trial. Contact us to discuss your car accident today.


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