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Conway Social Security Disability Lawyer

Conway Social Security Disability Lawyer

Conway Social Security Disability Attorney

Many people take their jobs for granted. Although you may not always love your job, it is a simple way to support your family. If your ability to work were taken away from you, you would have to find an alternative way to pay your bills, feed your family, and support your children.

Fortunately, social security and disability programs offer options for those who are unable to work, either temporarily or permanently. The money from these programs may not offer the same income as your job did. However, it is enough to meet your needs and prevent serious financial insecurity.

Filing a social security or disability application is difficult, and it is only the start of a long process. To properly navigate this system, it is important to hire a social security disability lawyer to assist you. Our team at Axelrod & Associates, P.A., provides legal services that can help you obtain the benefits you need.

Axelrod & Associates, P.A.: Conway Social Security Disability Lawyers

Our team of social security disability attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience in the legal sector. During this time, we have accumulated valuable experiences that benefit our clients and their families. We offer high-quality legal services for social security disability cases of all kinds.

Our social security disability lawyers understand that the process to obtain government programs can be emotional. Many people are simultaneously grieving their old lifestyle while also healing from an accident or injury. As a result, we aim to approach every social security disability case with respect and care. Our SC clients turn to us because they know that we will offer supportive legal services for sensitive issues.

For a social security disability lawyer that can work diligently for you and your family, look no further than Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

Conway Social Security Disability Lawyer

What Is Social Security Disability?

Social security disability (SSD) is a federal program. It helps financially support individuals who can no longer work because of an injury or illness. These programs can provide temporary or permanent support, depending on your individual needs.

The average SSD payment is between $840 and $1,400 per month. The amount that you receive will depend upon your income before you were injured, your ability to work in other fields and types of jobs, and similar factors.

Why Do I Need a Conway Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Having an attorney guide you through the social security disability application process is extremely valuable. Although these programs are meant to help people, the application steps can be confusing and frustrating. The system moves slowly and can be difficult to navigate alone.

An SSD attorney can help you to:

  • Assemble evidence of your disability or injury.
  • File applications and appeals.
  • Obtain medical records and doctor’s notes.
  • Prepare for any required hearings.

When you have an attorney in Conway, SC, you have a single resource for the duration of your claim. This is a great asset that removes a lot of stress and anxiety from the process.

There are additional programs for which you or your family may be qualified. When you have an attorney from Axelrod & Associates, P.A., we can help you determine your eligibility for other opportunities. That way, you can get the maximum amount of support for your circumstances.

Eligibility for Social Security Disability Benefits

Not everyone who is unable to work because of an injury qualifies for social security disability benefits. The government has strict conditions that must be met.

In most situations, you must prove that you have paid into the social security system. Because most people pay social security through their regular paychecks, this can be easily proven via paycheck or tax return. To be eligible for benefits, you must have paid into the social security system for 10 years or more. If you are permanently disabled, and have never been able to have a job as a result, the social security office will work with you and your attorney to develop a solution.

For your condition to qualify you for SSD benefits, the government must determine that it is severe enough to prevent you from working for 12 months or more. If your condition will ultimately lead to death, it may also qualify you for SSD benefits.

There is a wide range of conditions that SSD covers, including certain mental illnesses, chronic diseases, and more.

The SSD Application and Approval Process

It is important to be aware that the social security system moves slowly, especially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The standard processing time for an application is 3 to 5 months. This can cause financial strain for you and your family.

When you hire an attorney, you shorten your timeline in two ways. First, having an attorney ensures that you have properly completed and submitted your application. This helps you to avoid appeals and other delays, which can significantly slow down the process. Second, in some situations, our attorneys can also expedite the process by checking on your application and remaining in contact with the Social Security Disability Office. The combination of these two strategies is the most effective way to obtain support quickly and efficiently.

Using an attorney can also increase the likelihood that the SSD office approves your application. Unfortunately, only 30% of applications are accepted. This is frightening if you plan to rely on social security disability payments to support your family. There is no magic way to ensure that your application is approved. However, having an attorney review your application and check for errors is one way to increase your likelihood of acceptance.


The Social Security Office denies the vast majority of applications for SSD benefits. This is disheartening for many people who do not have other income options. Fortunately, you may file an appeal if your application has been denied.

The first step in creating an appeal is filing a Request for Reconsideration through the Social Security Office. This process triggers the office to review your application to determine whether they made a mistake in your circumstances. In some cases, a Request for Reconsideration results in a second rejection.

If your application is denied a second time, you can request a hearing with an administrative law judge. If this court denies your claim, you can go to appeals court. If your application is denied once again, you can take your case to federal court for review.

This is a multi-faceted process that requires attention to detail, tenacity, and knowledge of the industry. Having an attorney to represent you offers you a significant advantage during the appeals process.

FAQs About Conway, SC Social Security Disability Laws

How Much Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Cost?

Your SSD attorney’s fees will depend on your attorney’s experience, policies, and the complexity of your case. The law allows each client and attorney to develop a payment structure individually. However, the cost must not exceed 25% of your backpay or $7,200, whichever is lower. To be sure of your attorney’s fees and expenses, be sure to discuss finances with them before you sign a contract. Social security disability attorneys should be forthcoming about their rates.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting Disability Benefits?

The primary way to increase your chances of receiving SSD benefits is by hiring an attorney. A qualified attorney can help you complete your application and provide the necessary evidence and documentation. Many people do this process incorrectly, but an attorney can help ensure that you have finished your application properly. This can increase the likelihood that your application will be accepted. This is the only reliable way to increase your likelihood of receiving benefits.

What Is the Fastest You Can Get Approved for Disability Benefits?

Three months is considered a fast turnaround time for application approval. The average time it takes to get approved for SSD benefits is 3 to 5 months. Unfortunately, the system is fairly overloaded, and there is little you can do to expedite the process. Hiring an attorney may help, as we can ensure that you fill out your application properly. This can avoid lengthy appeals and rejection processes. However, there is little else that can be done to receive your benefits faster.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Social Security Disability Case?

Although you are not required to have an attorney represent you during your social security disability case, it is wise to hire one. An attorney can help you:

  • Amass proper evidence.
  • Fill out your application properly.
  • Follow up with the progress of your application.

These steps can help expedite the process and increase your likelihood of being accepted. As the acceptance rate is only 30%, it is very valuable to hire an attorney for your SSD case.

Contact Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

Our team at Axelrod & Associates, P.A., has been representing clients looking for SSD benefits for many years. We have seen all kinds of situations. We feel confident that we can represent you in your social security disability case.

For more information, or to schedule a consultation with a social security disability lawyer, please contact Axelrod & Associates, P.A.


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