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Garden City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Garden City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Garden City, SC Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal accusations can shatter lives. In our world, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is often overlooked, and legal rights are too quickly ignored. A Garden City criminal defense lawyer at Axelrod & Associates, P.A. is here to protect not only your rights but also your interests in your criminal case. We believe that every individual, regardless of circumstance, deserves a fair chance at justice, and our law firm can work to ensure that you receive an honest trial.

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What Is Criminal Defense Law?

The expansive legal category of criminal defense law holds many rules and laws that establish definitions and penalties for criminal offenses. The statutes, regulations, and procedural frameworks are also designed to safeguard the rights of individuals accused of criminal misconduct. Criminal defense law hopes to provide a fair and honest legal space for accused individuals to proceed through their cases with equity and fairness.

Criminal defense law covers legal issues such as the following:

  • Property crimes
  • White-collar crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Violent offenses
  • Federal crimes
  • Traffic violations
  • Vehicular crimes

Most criminal charges fall under two categories: a misdemeanor or a felony. A misdemeanor is often a less serious crime with correspondingly less serious consequences, such as simple assault, trespassing, and petty theft. Felonies are a more serious crime with more serious consequences, such as rape, murder, burglary, drug trafficking, and more. Felonies usually result in long-term punishments, like jail sentences, serious fines, and more.

How Can a Criminal Defense Lawyer Help?

A criminal defense attorney can use their legal understanding and skills to protect their client’s rights and see that their position is adequately upheld in court. Below are several ways that they can support clients who have been criminally accused:

  • Case Consultation: A defense attorney can work with their client upon an initial meeting to provide insight into the options that their client may have when seeking their desired result. A defense attorney can advise their client on their probability of winning a case if they plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest. They can also provide their clients with the information they need to make essential decisions in their case.
  • Thorough Investigation: A defense attorney can initiate a thorough and detailed investigation to review all helpful evidence, like police reports, witness testimonies, medical reports, and more. Through their investigative findings, they can more effectively and convincingly support their client’s position in court.
  • Defense Strategy: An attorney can create a solid defense strategy, employing useful techniques to support their position. Possible defense strategies can include the following: an alibi, self-defense, lack of intent, mistake of fact, entrapment, insanity, diminished capacity, violation of constitutional rights, expired statute of limitations, and more. An attorney can find an effective way to support their client’s desires in court.
  • Court Representation: Attorneys can act as their client’s mouthpiece in the courtroom as they defend their position on the criminal charges to the judge and jury. They can employ strategic methods to explain their client’s stance on the charge while initiating their defense strategy with intentional care. In the courtroom, they can fight to protect their client’s legal rights and interests through the arguments they present.

Why Choose Axelrod & Associates, P.A.?

At Axelrod & Associates, P.A., our team of dedicated defense attorneys is committed to tirelessly safeguarding the rights and interests of our clients. With unwavering support, we aim to offer our clients solace amidst the tumultuous circumstances often associated with criminal charges. Throughout the years, we have amassed a strong record of success in handling numerous types of criminal defense cases in South Carolina.

At our law firm, we prioritize providing unparalleled care and attention to each of our clients throughout the entirety of their legal journey. No matter the specific nature of the criminal charges you may be facing, our team of attorneys stands prepared to offer assistance.

With extensive experience in various areas of criminal law, including property crimes, white-collar crimes, drug-related offenses, violent offenses, and more, we are equipped to handle a diverse range of legal challenges on behalf of our clients.

FAQs for Garden City Criminal Defense Lawyers

Q: What Three Conditions Must Be Present Before a Prosecutor Charges a Criminal Case?

A: The three conditions that must be present before a prosecutor charges a criminal case are that

  1. An individual is arrested.
  2. They are charged with an offense.
  3. They are then turned over to the court for prosecution.

Prosecutors must have a serious belief that the defendant committed the crime before filing criminal charges against them.

Q: What Is One Reason Why Prosecutors May Decide to Dismiss Cases?

A: One reason why prosecutors may decide to dismiss a case is a lack of substantial evidence. A defendant’s guilt for a crime must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If a prosecutor does not have substantial and convincing evidence proving their guilt, a criminal case can be dismissed by the court.

Q: How Do You Prove a Lack of Intent?

A: To prove lack of intent, individuals must show that their actions were unintentional, involuntary, or caused by unforeseeable circumstances that the defendant did not have control over. Many individuals rely on having a lack of intent in self-defense cases to prove that their actions were necessary but did not occur by their own choosing.

Q: What Kind of Proof Is Needed for a Conviction?

A: In a criminal case in Garden City, SC, the prosecution must prove that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt to achieve a conviction. This means that the argument and evidence must be solid enough that there is no reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime at hand.

Contact a Garden City Criminal Defense Lawyer Today

If you are facing criminal charges, contact an Axelrod & Associates criminal defense attorney today. Our team has handled a large variety of criminal cases, and we are prepared to learn your story and understand your desired outcomes. We can collect evidence to bolster your case and provide a solid defense to protect your rights and freedoms. Reach out today to set up a consultation and learn how our team can help you with your case.


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