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Little River Car Accident Lawyer

Little River Car Accident Lawyer

Little River Car Accident Attorney

Experiencing a car accident is a traumatic event that can result in severe injuries, property damage, and even death. There is also a significant financial impact after a car accident. Unfortunately, crashes are fairly common, thanks to the high volume of cars and commercial trucks and how often people need to drive.

After being in a car accident, you can file a claim with the insurance company of the driver who is considered at fault. If a third party was responsible for the accident, or the insurance claim won’t cover the entirety of your financial damages, you can file a personal injury claim. This allows you to get compensation for remaining expenses, damages, and even emotional suffering. The most effective way to maximize the financial compensation in a car accident personal injury claim is to work with an experienced attorney.

Little River Car Accident Lawyer

Axelrod & Associates: Your Little River Car Accident Lawyers

The aftermath of a car crash can be overwhelming. Even a minor crash can be jarring and traumatic, and serious accidents can also cause major damage and injuries. It can be hard to know what to do after a car accident. Getting in contact with an experienced car accident lawyer is essential to understanding car insurance claims, determining fault in an accident, filing personal injury claims, and taking other important steps.

At Axelrod & Associates, we are proud to serve the community in the Little River area. Our attorneys can walk you through each step in the process with legal guidance and support. We can help you determine if a personal injury claim is necessary to get the compensation you deserve. We know that every claim is unique, so we take the time necessary to understand your situation to make sure our legal representation fits your individual needs. Our attorneys have more than 100 combined years of experience and use that experience to fight for your interests in negotiation. Additionally, they are fully willing to begin litigation if necessary.

Common Reasons for Car Accidents

There are several reasons why car accidents occur, including:

  • Distracted driving. This may include texting, eating, dealing with passengers, or even adjusting the radio. These actions can take a driver’s focus from the road and cause an accident.
  • Driving over the speed limit reduces the time a driver has to react and increases the damage in an accident. Speeding could also refer to driving too quickly in dangerous road conditions, even if it was technically the speed limit.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol affects a driver’s reaction time and lowers their coordination and ability to make reasonable judgments. If someone causes an accident while under the influence, they can face criminal charges and civil penalties in the form of personal injury claims.
  • Reckless driving. This may include aggressive or negligent actions such as tailgating, brake checking, failing to yield the right-of-way, making illegal turns, or running red lights. These all increase the likelihood of a crash.
  • Bad driving conditions. This includes weather conditions and poorly maintained roads. Weather, like fog or rain, can decrease visibility and make roads more dangerous. Roads can have cracks and potholes, or they may be covered with debris after a storm or accident. In all these cases, drivers have to alter their speed and driving to be safer. Failure to do so makes an accident much more likely.
  • Drivers who are extremely tired have a lower reaction time and could even fall asleep while driving.
  • Vehicle defects. A car accident could happen when there is a defect or malfunction with one of the essential systems in the car. In some cases, this means that a driver can file a defective product liability claim.

Finding out who is at fault for the accident could depend on whether you or another driver engaged in these potentially reckless or negligent activities.

Car Accident Attorneys FAQs

Q: How Much Money Do You Get From a Car Accident Settlement in South Carolina?

A: The settlement you get from a car accident claim depends on several factors. If you only file with the insurance provider, there are caps to the damages you can earn. When you file a personal injury claim, the amount in a settlement that you may be awarded by the court depends on factors such as:

  • How severe your injury is
  • The amount of income you lost
  • Whether your earning capacity is limited because of a disability
  • The value of property and other damages
  • How pain and suffering damages relate to your case

Q: Is South Carolina a No-Fault Car Accident State?

A: No, South Carolina is not a no-fault car accident state. It is an at-fault state. This means that the party who is responsible for the accident is also liable for damages. Other drivers involved in the accident can file claims with the at-fault driver’s insurance. To prove a driver was at fault and get compensation, you must prove that:

  1. They were acting negligently.
  2. That negligence led to the accident.
  3. That accident led to your injuries and financial damages.

Q: What Is the Statute of Limitations for a South Carolina Car Crash?

A: The statute of limitations, or time limit to file your car accident claim in South Carolina, is 3 years from the date the accident occurred. If you file a claim after that time, you will have lost your right to gain compensation, and the court will dismiss the claim. Although 3 years may seem like plenty of time, it’s important to begin working with an attorney to file a claim as soon as possible. Not only does it take time to build your case, but waiting too long could mean that you lose valuable evidence in your case.

Q: What Is the Average Settlement for Whiplash in South Carolina?

A: The settlement for a whiplash injury varies significantly based on the severity of your injury and other specifics about your situation. A minor whiplash injury to the neck or back will not have as high of a settlement as a significant injury that causes permanent disability. Your attorney can help you calculate your damages by weighing the severity of the injury, your medical bills, and your lost income, both past and future.

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