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Pawleys Island Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Pawleys Island Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Pawleys Island Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Injuries on the job can range from minor issues like a cut to more severe problems like a broken bone or spinal damage. If you suffer an injury on the job, you likely qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits. When you want to ensure you get the maximum possible benefits for your injury, you need to speak with a Pawleys Island workers’ compensation lawyer to represent you.

At Axelrod & Associates, we have over 100 years of combined experience working in the legal field. We handle a variety of workers’ compensation claims and can get you the help and compensation you deserve.

Pawleys Island Workers Compensation Lawyer

What Is Workers’ Compensation, and How Does It Work in South Carolina?

Workers’ compensation is a program where someone injured on the job can seek compensation to help with medical payments while they recover. Workers’ compensation also covers lost wages from the time you cannot work due to your injury. Any South Carolina company with more than four employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance, with a few limited exceptions for railroad workers and some agricultural work.

To qualify for workers’ compensation, you’ll need to be actively working at the time of the accident. You won’t qualify for any accidents that happen while you are on your way to work, for example.

You also can’t intentionally injure yourself or file for workers’ compensation if your injury came from your own negligence. For instance, if you were roughhousing with another employee at the time of the accident or you came to work intoxicated, you will forfeit your benefits.

What Are Some Common Workplace Injuries in Pawleys Island?

Though the popular conception of workers’ compensation is from injuries on a blue-collar job site with heavy machinery, white-collar workers are also susceptible to injuries. Let’s look at some of the most common injuries we see people file for.

  • Broken bones: Most bone breaks aren’t life-threatening, but they will put you out of action for a while and impact your quality of life. You may suffer a broken bone from a machinery accident, work-related car accident, or falling down. Recovery may put you out of work for a few months, and workers’ compensation can help you maintain your standard of living while you recover.
  • Spinal injuries: Any injury to the spine carries the risk of long-term health issues and problems with something as simple as walking around. You can suffer a spinal cord injury through a slip and fall or a crushing incident. With an unsure recovery period, you’ll want to get workers’ compensation to help with long-term medical care.
  • Wrongful death: It’s an unfortunate reality that some workers die on the job. If your family member dies while working, you’ll be able to file for workers’ compensation to help make up for their lost wages.
  • Repetitive motion injuries: Doing the same thing over again isn’t just mind-numbing; it also carries the risk of causing an injury to your joint. The most infamous repetitive motion injury is carpal tunnel syndrome, but it can happen to any joint you use repetitively for work.

What Should I Do After I Sustain an Injury at Work?

After you sustain an injury at work in Pawleys Island, SC, you need to keep one thing in mind: don’t panic. You need to stay calm and make sure you follow the proper procedure. If you don’t need emergency medical treatment, you should speak with a supervisor or HR representative to file an official accident report. You’ll need to make sure they file the report, and you should give them a detailed account of the accident and injury.

The company’s insurance agency will likely ask you to see a workers’ compensation doctor. You should comply with this request. The doctor will examine you and give you an estimate of when you should be able to return to work. These examinations can sometimes be biased against the employee.

Should I Hire An Attorney to Help With My Work-Related Injury?

Hiring an attorney is an excellent way to give yourself a chance at getting the maximum settlement. Your attorney can examine a deal from the insurance company and ensure that it’s fair and what you should expect, given the nature of the case.

If your claim makes it to court, your attorney will advocate for you there and try to get the jury to rule in your favor so you can get the compensation needed to ease the financial burden on yourself.


Q: Can You File a Claim Against Your Employer in South Carolina?

A: Generally, you won’t be able to file a claim against an employer, as they are protected under workers’ compensation law. You can only file a claim against your company if they displayed gross negligence or did not keep workers’ compensation insurance.

Q: How Long Will It Take to Get My Workers’ Compensation Benefits in South Carolina?

A: While the timeline will depend on several factors, you should expect to see your first benefits check a few weeks after filing for workers’ compensation. Your attorney may be able to help you apply leverage on the insurance company if they drag their feet with delivering the agreed-upon settlement.

Q: How Much Should I Expect From My Workers’ Compensation Payments in Pawleys Island?

A: A workers’ compensation payment is typically about 2/3 of your regular wages. The South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission, the agency overseeing the process, also caps weekly compensation at around $950. You may also have additional benefits to help with things like ongoing medical bills or any prescription drugs you need for recovery.

Q: What Is the Time Limit to Report a Work-Related Injury?

A: There are a few deadlines regarding workers’ compensation you need to be aware of. After an accident, you will have 15 days to report the injury to the appropriate party, whether this is a superior or HR representative. You also have to deal with a two-year statute of limitations on filing for workers’ compensation coverage or bringing a claim against someone for a work-related accident.

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