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January 2020 Archives

What can I include in my estate plan?

Many people view estate planning as a daunting task. Whether you aren’t sure where to start or you’re put off by the prospect of confronting your own mortality, you may share those same sentiments. But tackling your estate plan doesn’t have to be scary or overwhelming.

Is an Employer Entitled to a Set-Off for Workers' Compensation Benefits for a Prior Injury?

What happens if you are compensated for a permanent and total disability, eventually return to work, and then suffer another injury that results in permanent and total disability? Can you receive workers' compensation benefits for more than one injury?

SC Appellate Courts Allow Bolstering in Child Sexual Abuse Cases - As Long as It's Not Obvious...

In State v. Chappell, decided December 31, 2019, the SC Court of Appeals reversed convictions for first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor and lewd act upon a child based on the state's expert's testimony that bolstered the child's credibility.

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