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Do you know the signs of nursing home negligence?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Nursing Home Abuse

If you have a loved one who has difficulty tending to their own needs, it may be in their best interest to live in a South Carolina long-term care facility. Unfortunately, they become more vulnerable to abuse or nursing home negligence when they’re in this situation. Becoming frailer and not being able to combat physical or verbal attacks is common when people age. Noticeable signs will often occur when harm is being done to an older individual. Looking for specific indicators can help you determine if neglect is happening.

Unexplained injuries

Bruises, broken bones or head injuries can occur when an older individual is neglected. These injuries may result after attempting to walk without assistance, leading to a fall and getting hurt. Becoming more immobile is also an indicator suggesting neglect as a person may not be receiving regular exercise or frequent walks to maintain their strength.

Lack of nutrition

Nursing home negligence can also involve dehydration and malnutrition. Signs of depression or difficulty swallowing may be present. Whether poor nutrition is being caused due to overstaffing, a lack of oversight or deliberately, it can lead to depression or a loss of weight in your loved one.

Inadequate personal hygiene

Older individuals may require assistance with personal hygiene, brushing their teeth, getting dressed, bathing, nail clipping or combing their hair. Neglect can occur when these individuals are forced to do these things without the assistance they require.

Living conditions look unsanitary

Failing to keep living conditions clean and sanitary is another form of neglect that may occur with an older individual residing in a long-term care facility. Checking to see if they have clean bedding and bathroom facilities can indicate if problems are occurring.

Cognitive issues

Emotional changes or other cognitive issues can also indicate neglect or abuse. A person may become depressed or distant from you or their friends due to mental or physical abuse.

Watching for these indicators is essential to ensure your loved one is being taken care of properly. If you feel like neglect has occurred, you may want to consult with an attorney to explore the options available.


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