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Does SSDI cover mental-health issues?

We all pay into federal payroll taxes each check with the comfort of knowing that if we’re ever injured or otherwise disabled we have a social safety net on which to rely. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a government program designed to provide income to people who are unable to work because of their disabilities.

While it’s easy to see that someone who is blind or someone who is confined to a wheelchair might have difficulty working, other disabilities aren’t so readily apparent. Mental disabilities may impinge holding down full-time work just as much as physical disabilities, but other people might not be able to see this. Luckily, those suffering from medically documented mental impairments may qualify for SSDI.

What is a Slip and Fall Case?

What is a slip and fall case?

If you picture an old banana peel lying on the tile floor in a grocery store and an elderly shopper's feet flying into the air as they step on it, you've got the basic idea. It is, of course, more complicated than that...

Slip and fall is a type of premises liability - the owner of a business, home, or even a sidewalk or driveway owes a duty to the public to keep their property safe and to correct any hazards that could injure someone. If they do not make their property safe or at least warn of the danger, that is a type of negligence and the property owner is responsible for any injuries that result.

Can I Adopt a Stepchild in SC?

Can you adopt a stepchild in SC?

Often, when people enter a "mixed marriage" with children from prior relationships, the new parent will want to go all-in and adopt their spouse's child or children. You can adopt a stepchild in SC, but there are some things you should consider before making your decision.

Adopting a stepchild might be the best thing you can do for your stepchild and your family's future if the biological parent is no longer involved in the child's life. I've said many times that adoptions are among the few types of cases we handle where everyone wins and we can truly feel like we've made a difference in someone's life - it's not every day that you see smiling faces and tears of joy in the courtroom.

But what should you consider before deciding to adopt a stepchild in SC? Are there reasons not to adopt a stepchild? Is it necessary to terminate the biological parent's parental rights? How does that work?

If you are considering adoption in SC, our Myrtle Beach adoption lawyer on the Axelrod team can help to make the process as smooth as possible. Call or email now to set up a free consultation to discuss whether adoption is right for you and how to make it happen.

When Should a PCR Petition be Amended?

When should a PCR petition be amended?

In Love v. State, the SC Supreme Court reversed the PCR court's denial of Love's motion to amend his pleadings, although the request was not made until just before his hearing started. The case was remanded for a full hearing on the sole issue that the PCR court refused to hear.

Although the Supreme Court agreed with Love that the amendment should have been allowed, it's not a good idea to wait until the last minute. When is it too late to amend a PCR petition?

If you have been convicted of a crime and believe that you have grounds for an appeal or post-conviction relief (PCR), contact the criminal defense, criminal appeal, and Myrtle Beach PCR attorneys at Axelrod and Associates immediately to find out how we can help.

SC Supreme Court Calls Workers' Compensation Commissioner a Liar

In Ledford v. Dept. of Public Safety, the SC Supreme Court took the extraordinary step of censuring a workers' compensation commissioner for allegedly 1) threatening criminal prosecution against a former highway patrol officer if he did not settle his workers' compensation claim, and 2) lying about it in an affidavit to the Court.

The Supreme Court reversed the Court of Appeals' opinion in the case, vacated the orders of Commissioner Susan Barden and the Workers' Compensation Commission Appellate Panel, and remanded Ledford's case for a new hearing before a different commissioner.

The Court, after doing their own investigation including interviewing witnesses to the commissioner's statements allegedly made during a telephone conference, found that commissioner Barden should have recused herself from the case.

The Court's final statement in the opinion all but calls Commissioner Barden a liar, with particularly strong language from a Supreme Court that is ordinarily slow to criticize prosecutors or sitting judges:

Commissioner Barden's false affidavit is appalling, and it compounds the initial error.

Are Pit Bulls More Dangerous than Other Dog Breeds?

Are pit bulls more dangerous than other dog breeds?

For some, the answer is absolutely, definitely, yes. Pit bulls should be banned. They were bred for aggressiveness and their fighting ability, and they are a danger to you, your children, and everyone who lives in your neighborhood.

For others, pit bulls are unfairly attacked in the media and they are largely misunderstood - the problem with pit bulls is not genetics, but it is their environment. A dog is only as dangerous as its owner allows it to be...

Which is true?

South Carolina does not make a distinction between "dangerous" dog breeds or cute and fluffy dog breeds - if a dog's owner allows their animal to attack a person, they are liable for the damage caused. Whether it is a dog bite or some other form of dog attack, SC law provides for strict liability when your dog injures someone.

Guardian Ad Litem in Horry County Family Court

A guardian ad litem in Horry County Family Court is a person whom the court appoints to represent the best interests of the child.

The guardian ad litem investigates and gathers information to present to the court, and may also advocate for the child in court, although we are not permitted to make custody recommendations. The guardian ad litem is there to look out for the child and advocate for what is in their best interests, something that might otherwise be overlooked if there were only an advocate for each adult and a judge deciding issues based only on the adults' positions...

If your child needs a guardian ad litem for your court proceedings, the parties can choose the guardian ad litem. If they do not, the court will choose a guardian ad litem for you. Your child can be appointed a certified guardian ad litem who is a trained attorney, who has extensive experience with family court proceedings, and who cares about children.

Workers' Compensation Forms In SC

Worker's compensation forms in SC must be completed and submitted to the SC Workers' Compensation Commission at every stage of the process - from filing an initial claim through the final settlement of the workers' comp case.

All these forms are not intended for the claimant to file, although some must be filed by the claimant or their attorney like the Form 50 Claimant's Notice of Claim and Request for Hearing.

If you are represented by counsel, most of the forms are intended for use by your employer, the attorneys in the case, or the court. If you are not sure whether you need to submit a workers' compensation form in your case or what the deadlines are, talk to your Myrtle Beach worker's compensation attorney on the Axelrod team to find out what your next steps are.

Whether you are a claimant or an employer, where can you find workers' compensation forms and instructions for how to use them? Are there filing fees?

When frauds pad their pockets, your business lends the stuffing

Your small business is not just your passion, but your livelihood. That doesn’t matter to scammers, whose livelihood .

Credit card fraud is on the rise, and your business could be first in line to bear responsibility. The costs of fraud stack up quickly and your business could take a real hit after a few incidents. Understanding fraud from beginning to end can help you steer your business clear.

How do You Prove an Alibi Defense in SC?

How do you prove an alibi defense in SC?

If you've ever watched a crime show on the television, you're probably familiar with the alibi defense - I was somewhere else at the time of the murder; therefore, it is impossible for me to have committed the crime.

Seems reasonable, right? Of course, the prosecution will not usually accept your alibi defense. They will probably pay a visit to your alibi witnesses before trial to "interview them." At best, they will attempt to poke holes in your witness' timeline. At worst, prosecutors or their investigators may threaten your alibi witnesses and discourage them from testifying...

What is an alibi defense in SC, what are some of the pitfalls that defendants may fall into, and what are some myths about the alibi defense?

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