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Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement in South Carolina [2024 Updated]

Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement in South Carolina [2024 Updated]
Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

Motorcycle accidents may be less common than passenger vehicle accidents, but they are some of the most damaging vehicle accidents anyone can experience and have a very high chance of causing catastrophic or fatal injuries. While you may wonder about the average motorcycle accident settlement in South Carolina, it is important to remember that every case is different and that many variables influence the final value of any motorcycle accident case.

Calculating the Value of a Motorcycle Accident Claim

The state enforces the fault rule for all motor vehicle accidents, meaning the driver at fault is liable for the resulting damages. Proving fault and recovering your losses after a motorcycle accident will be easier if you have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney representing you. They can help you gather evidence that you may have overlooked on your own and guide you through your recovery efforts more efficiently than you might expect.

If you are able to prove that another party is responsible for your accident, you can hold them accountable for the extent of economic losses you suffered in it. Some of these damages may be recovered through an auto insurance claim, but anything you cannot recover through insurance may be recovered with a personal injury suit. You have a limited time in which to file a personal injury suit after your accident, so it is vital to start the process right away.

The average motorcycle accident settlement in the state includes compensation for vehicle repair bills and other property damage, medical expenses, long-term medical treatment costs for severe injuries, lost wages, and lost future earning power. Most drivers in the state have auto insurance that can cover bodily injuries and property damage, but only to the limits of the policy. It is possible for an insurance company to fight a claim in various ways.

An attorney can help you secure a fair outcome from your insurance claim, but you may have outstanding damages that insurance won’t pay for. If you have grounds to file a personal injury suit against an at-fault driver, you could potentially recover compensation for any economic damages their insurance won’t cover, as well as compensation for your pain and suffering. This could form a large portion of your total recovery if you suffered any serious or life-changing injuries.

Ultimately, while you might find reports of an average motorcycle accident settlement in the state, the reality is that every case is entirely unique, and so many factors go into determining case value that it is unwise to use any alleged average as a benchmark for your motorcycle accident claim.

If you want to have the greatest chance of maximizing your recovery after a motorcycle accident, it is crucial to work with an experienced attorney you trust to guide you through the insurance claim filing process and the personal injury claim filing process. The right attorney can help you uncover all your options for recovery and maximize your total compensation as much as state law allows.


Q: How Much Is a Motorcycle Accident Claim Worth?

A: The total value of a motorcycle accident claim in the state depends on the severity of the victim’s damages. If they are able to prove that another driver is directly responsible for causing their accident, they have the right to seek full repayment of all economic losses they suffered, along with financial compensation for their pain and suffering. The average motorcycle accident settlement in the state is slightly higher than the total economic loss in the claim.

Q: How Are Pain and Suffering Calculated?

A: Pain and suffering can be calculated in various ways. The state does not enforce a cap or limit on pain and suffering compensation, nor is there a specific formula an injured claimant needs to use to calculate pain and suffering. A plaintiff has the right to seek whatever amount they believe to be appropriate to reflect the severity of the harm they suffered in the accident.

Q: What Happens if I’m Partially Liable for a Motorcycle Accident?

A: If you are found partially liable for a motorcycle accident in the state, you should expect to lose a percentage of your case award to reflect the percentage of fault assigned to you. South Carolina enforces the modified comparative fault rule, so as long as the plaintiff is less than 50% at fault, they can still recover damages. However, a fault of 50% or more will prohibit the plaintiff from seeking compensation from any other liable party.

Q: Are Motorcycle Accidents Deadlier Than Car Accidents?

A: Motorcycle accidents are deadlier than car accidents due to the fact that severe or fatal injuries are more likely to occur from motorcycle accidents than they are to occur from car accidents. This is due to the fact that the motorcycle offers virtually no physical protection from crash impact forces, and the rider faces the risk of injury from initial contact with the other vehicle and the secondary impact of hitting the ground.

Q: Should I Hire a Lawyer After a Motorcycle Accident?

A: You should hire a lawyer after a motorcycle accident if you believe that another party caused the accident and you want to fully recover. The right attorney can help you prove fault for the accident, file an auto insurance claim, and build a personal injury suit against an at-fault driver if necessary. You are not only more likely to succeed with your recovery with an attorney’s help but also more likely to maximize your total compensation.

Axelrod & Associates, P.A., has years of professional experience handling a wide range of accident claims throughout the state, including motorcycle accident cases. We know the challenges you are likely to encounter in the aftermath of this type of accident, and we want to help you fully recover. Contact our team today to schedule a free consultation with a trustworthy attorney to guide you through your legal proceedings.

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