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Do i need a local auto accident attorney?

Do i need a local auto accident attorney?
Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

If you are hurt in an auto accident while on vacation in the Myrtle Beach area, do you need a local auto accident attorney?

If the other driver was at fault and you intend to 1) file a claim with their insurance company or 2) file a lawsuit, you will need a local auto accident lawyer, or at least an attorney who is licensed to practice in SC, because:

  • Different states have different laws when it comes to liability and damages,
  • Your attorney back home is (probably) not licensed to practice law in the state of SC, and
  • You need an auto accident lawyer who is familiar with the local courts and procedures.

Your attorney on the Axelrod team is located in Myrtle Beach, SC, and is licensed to practice law anywhere in the state of SC. We are your “boots on the ground,” and our team will work hard to get maximum compensation for you when your accident is caused by someone else’s reckless or careless driving.


Many of our clients are injured in auto accidents or at hotels while they are vacationing, and we often get the question, “Do I need a local auto accident attorney, or can I use my attorney back home?”

If you were in an accident while visiting the Myrtle Beach area, we understand that you are in an unfamiliar place, and it can be difficult to trust a local auto accident attorney when you know and trust the attorneys in your hometown.

Auto accidents are one of the primary practice areas of Axelrod & Associates – it’s what we do. We help our clients to get full and fair compensation for their injuries from insurance companies and corporations, we are client-centered, and our track record speaks for itself.

Boots on the Ground

One reason that you need a local auto accident attorney is because we are your “boots on the ground.”

You need an attorney who knows the local courts, clerks, attorneys, and judges. You need an attorney who can help you with car repairs at a local body shop – and at no charge if we are handling your personal injury case.

You need an attorney who can drop by the courthouse or the clerk’s office when needed, show up at a motion hearing in the local courthouse, and who is familiar with the tactics of the local insurance defense attorneys who will be trying to prevent you from getting paid…

Different States Have Different Laws

Another reason it is critical that you have a local auto accident attorney is that the laws in your home state may not be the same as the laws in SC – every state has its own set of laws and rules that govern:

  • Negligence,
  • Liability,
  • The types of damages you can recover,
  • The caps on damages that you can recover,
  • When punitive damages are available, and
  • Courtroom procedure.

For example, if you are in an auto accident in Myrtle Beach where you were speeding and failed to make an effort to avoid the accident, but the other driver ran a red light before T-boning you in the intersection, a jury could find that you were at some fault in the accident.

In SC, our comparative negligence rule still allows you to recover damages as long as your percentage of fault in the accident was not more than 50%, although your total recovery will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to you by the jury.

In NC, the contributory negligence rule will bar you from any recovery if the jury finds that you are even 1% at fault in the accident. That’s a fact that could impact your settlement, your outcome at trial, and the way that your attorney prepares your case for negotiations and for trial.

Your Local Auto Accident Attorney is Licensed to Practice in SC

You not only should use a local auto accident lawyer, but you are required to have an attorney who is licensed to practice law in SC – this ensures that you have an attorney on your case who knows the local laws, courts, and procedures, who is accountable to the SC Bar, and who is not going to take advantage of you.


If you have a personal injury attorney back home, they might be able to help you by making recommendations for a local auto accident lawyer in Myrtle Beach – they can check out our website, check with the SC Bar to ensure we do not have disciplinary records for ethical violations, and even call to chat with us about how we would handle your case.

We often receive referrals from out-of-state attorneys who have researched local Myrtle Beach lawyers, and, if you aren’t sure who to call and who to trust, your family law attorney or personal injury lawyer back home may be able to set your mind at ease.

What Should I Do if I’m in an Auto Accident While Visiting Myrtle Beach?

If you are in an auto accident while you are visiting Myrtle Beach, you should talk to a local attorney on the Axelrod team immediately – before you leave town.

If you are unable to make it to our office because you are hospitalized or injured, call us and we will make arrangements to come to you.

You will need an attorney who can investigate your crash, gather the evidence that you will need to prove liability and damages, and go to work trying to settle your case for you and preparing your case for a possible trial.


Injured in a car accident while visiting Myrtle Beach? Get an experienced local auto accident attorney on your case now.

Call Axelrod & Associates at 843-916-9300 or complete our contact form for a free initial consultation.

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