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If you’re one of many motorcycle enthusiasts in South Carolina or the surrounding regions, you might mark your calendar every year the minute you find out the dates of the annual Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally. This year’s rally is just around the bend, so it’s a good time to start getting ready if you’re planning to attend. Getting together with hundreds of other bikers, enjoying the beach and taking time off for rest and relaxation are some of the reasons many people look forward to bike week.

As with most large-crowd events, however, there are certain risks involved. As a motorcyclist, you likely already understand the importance of raising public awareness toward safe sharing of roadways with travelers on two wheels. The last thing you need is to have your vacation cut short by an unsafe driver who causes you injury. Many motorcycle collisions are later found to have been completely avoidable were it not for the negligence of other motorists.

Do what you can to stay safe

The more alert and cautious you are when traveling through Myrtle Beach on your motorcycle, the better. By keeping the following safety tips in mind, you increase your chances of arriving safely to your bike week destination:

  • Stay sober when you plan to ride your motorcycle or operate any motor vehicle.
  • Obey helmet laws.
  • South Carolina’s helmet laws include specifications for riders under age 21.
  • General recommendations state that wearing a helmet is best even if the law in a particular state does not require it.
  • Check tire pressure, brakes, fluids and other mechanical functions on your motorcycle before riding.
  • If you will have a passenger on your motorcycle during bike week, make sure your tires and suspension are equipped for the extra weight.
  • If you’re not used to carrying a passenger, practice first in a safe location.
  • Follow safety recommendations regarding placement of your motorcycle in your driving lane to make yourself as visible as possible to other motorists.
  • Wear appropriate clothing, such as leather or heavy denim, long pants and sleeves, and boots or shoes above your ankles.

The Myrtle Beach Bike Week Spring Rally is an exciting event for motorcycle lovers like yourself. When you’re psyched up for a fun time, it’s easy to feel tempted to hurry while driving by trying to beat a red light or scooting around slow-traveling vehicles. However, the less risks you take, the better chance you have of avoiding collision and injury.

If someone hits you

No matter how experienced or cautious you are when you’re on your motorcycle or behind the wheel of a car, another driver’s negligence can place you in harm’s way. If you suffer injury, you may face a long recovery period and financial hardship associated with the accident. By reaching out for legal support, you can maximize your chances of achieving as full a recovery as possible.

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