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Helpful Divorce Blogs

Helpful Divorce Blogs
Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

If you are going through a divorce or considering divorce, you probably have questions. And there are many helpful divorce blogs out there that may help you find answers.

Our SC divorce blog discusses legal issues in SC divorces, focusing on common questions like how property is divided, when a spouse is entitled to alimony, and who gets custody of the children. There are other divorce blogs, however, that cover a broad range of personal experiences in divorces and that focus on specific issues that people face in divorces.

Some of the blogs listed below focus on legal issues as we do here, some contain the authors’ personal experiences in their own divorces, and others provide divorce resources that you may find helpful. There are blogs about divorce and men’s issues, divorce and women’s issues, divorces with children, financial issues in divorce, and personal stories of people who have been through divorce.

Some of the blogs listed below are published by law firms like our own, but many are non-lawyer divorce blogs that are informative and helpful across a wide range of divorce topics.

Women’s Issues in Divorce is a network of divorce blogs written by women on a range of divorce topics including life after divorce, domestic violence, and infidelity. is an older blog. Although the author is no longer writing new content, her blog is still available to read, relevant, and, hopefully, helpful to someone out there. focuses on women’s issues in divorce, including some legal issues as well as practical advice for women going through a divorce.

Men’s Issues in Divorce is a divorce blog focused on issues faced by men in divorces and divorce tips for men, published by an upstate SC law firm.

Divorce After 50 is another older blog about the experience of divorce at 50 after decades of marriage.

Divorce Stories and Experiences follows the journey of Pauline, who experienced a difficult divorce and custody battle with a difficult ex-spouse.

Avvostories has a comprehensive divorce blog written by various authors that covers many topics including not-so-common divorce issues. Keep in mind that most of the authors for this and other divorce blogs are not SC lawyers so you will need to double-check any state law-related information. covers a broad range of divorce topics with a focus on getting your groove back and parenting successfully after divorce.

Celebrity Divorce

Huffington Post’s divorce blog covers legal issues, parenting issues, and celebrity divorces, providing reliable divorce information along with entertainment news.

Children and Divorce is a divorce blog focused on the issues faced by parents in divorces and how to co-parent with a difficult ex-spouse. focuses on how to successfully coparent as you navigate a divorce as well as other common issues faced by parents who have separated.

Financial Issues in Divorce

The Money and Divorce Blog is a divorce blog written by financial advisors that is focused on financial issues in divorce. is another divorce blog written by a financial advisor that is focused on the financial issues in divorce including how to protect your assets during a divorce.

Helpful Divorce Resources provides an online platform to help separated or divorced parents track expenses, share photos, share a joint calendar, and communicate about co-parenting. is an app for co-parenting that helps to coordinate parenting schedules, shared expenses, and other needs for co-parenting after separation or divorce.

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