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Myrtle Beach Car Accident Statistics

Myrtle Beach Car Accident Statistics
Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

It seems like every time you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper, you hear about a car accident. Auto accidents are common across the country, but sometimes, it can be difficult to know just how frequent they really are and how much danger you’re in. In the unfortunate event that you’re involved in a car accident, you need to speak with a Myrtle Beach car accident lawyer about your case and any potential compensation.

We have prepared some statistics about car accidents in South Carolina and Myrtle Beach so you can be ready for any dangers on the road.

What Are the Statistics for Car Accidents in Myrtle Beach?

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety handles the reporting and recording of car accident statistics across the state. Each year, they provide a fact book detailing every community and the amount of crashes they saw.

The most recent statistics come from 2021, in which there were 2,202 collisions in the entire calendar year that the Myrtle Beach Police Department responded to. Of those crashes, 1,560 of them only had property damage and no injuries to drivers or passengers. These statistics mean about 70 percent of car crashes in the area did not lead to any injuries.

Nine hundred fifty-one total people suffered injuries in car accidents, 38 people sustained serious injuries, and 17 people died as a result of a crash.

Car crash statistics in Myrtle Beach need a little extra context. Since the community sees plenty of tourists in the summer, many of the crashes do not necessarily involve locals.

How Frequent Are Auto Accidents in South Carolina?

South Carolina sees about 142,000 accidents on a yearly basis. This may sound like a lot of people, but given that the population of the state sits at around 5.2 million people, your chances of being involved in an auto accident aren’t dramatically higher than many other states.

Of these accidents, in 2021, around 1,000 led to fatalities and 2,500 to severe injuries. These numbers will fluctuate from year to year, but they should give you a general estimate of how often we see accidents in the state.

What Are Some of the Primary Causes of Traffic Accidents in South Carolina?

Agencies estimate that over 90 percent of non-fatal crashes occur because drivers make a mistake on the road. Some accidents are unavoidable, but for the most part, someone could have done something to prevent the incident. Some examples of the causes of traffic accidents include:

  • Distracted driving: It’s easier than ever to find yourself distracted when you’re behind the wheel. From your cell phone to passengers to a touch-screen center console, plenty of elements distract drivers. A distracted driver can easily cause an accident when they aren’t giving 100 percent focus to the road.
  • Inexperience: If a driver is just starting out or has little time behind the wheel, they are more prone to mistakes. Accidents generally occur when someone doesn’t follow the rules of the road; those who have less experience are more likely not to know some of the more obscure rules of the road.
  • DUI: A driver who is under the influence won’t have the same keen senses and fast reaction times needed to handle a vehicle. These drivers are more likely to get into a car accident.

What Should I Do After Someone Crashes Into Me?

After an auto accident, you’ll want to check for any injuries. Whether it is you, your passenger, or the other party involved, you’ll want to make sure nobody suffered any serious injuries. If someone needs help, you should call for medical assistance.

Get pictures of the accident, the scene, the vehicles, and any injuries. Then, you should exchange information with the other parties and make sure you have a way to contact them again. Once you get your vehicles off the road and get home, you’ll want to speak with a Myrtle Beach auto accident attorney about what happened and how they can help.


Q: What State Had the Most Fatal Car Accidents in 2024?

A: While the top state often fluctuates, the states with the highest traffic fatalities are generally Texas, California, and Florida. These states all have about three to four times the number of fatal car accidents as South Carolina. South Carolina sits near the top ten in vehicle fatalities.

Q: How Frequent Are Traffic Deaths in South Carolina?

A: South Carolina sees about 1,000 traffic deaths yearly. In most years, South Carolina ranks just in or outside of the top ten states regarding traffic fatalities. South Carolina has a bustling tourist industry, which leads to more people on the road who aren’t familiar with the terrain, increasing accidents.

Q: Where Do Most Car Accidents Occur in SC?

A: More auto accidents occur in South Carolina on highways than anywhere else. Nearly 50 percent of accidents happen while on the highway, and 11 percent happen on the interstate. As far as municipalities, the state’s leaders in accidents are Greenville, Charleston, and Richland counties. These counties typically see over 10,000 crashes yearly.

Q: How Many Car Accidents Happen Every Year in South Carolina?

A: Obviously, the number of accidents fluctuates slightly every year. In general, South Carolina sees around 142,000 crashes every year, with around 1,000 fatalities. In years past, the state was one of the most dangerous for drivers. With a large tourist population, many accidents occur when people who aren’t familiar with the area drive too fast for the conditions.

Get in Contact With a Car Accident Lawyer Today

Though car accidents are very common, they can have lasting consequences on drivers. You may suffer an injury that will impact your quality of life for years, and you should hire legal assistance to get benefits from an at-fault driver.

At Axelrod & Associates, we have extensive experience helping the people of South Carolina get the help they deserve after a vehicle accident. We can fight for you and work to negotiate for the proper compensation or convince a jury of your side of the story. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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