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2019 is here!

Everyone on the Axelrod team would like to wish you happy holidays and a wonderful new year.

New years and the holiday season can be a dangerous time in Myrtle Beach – every year, auto accidents cut short what should have been a happy time celebrating with family.

If you are driving in the Myrtle Beach area over the holidays, or if you are out and about on New Year’s Eve, be careful. Plan ahead, stay alert, drive defensively, and do not drink and drive…

Accidents happen, and often there is nothing that we could do to avoid it. If you are hurt because of another driver’s carelessness during the holidays or New Year’s Eve in Myrtle Beach, call a SC auto accident attorney on the Axelrod team immediately to find out what you need to do to get full and fair compensation for your injuries.


If you are out and about for New Year’s Eve, please do not drink and drive. Be extra alert, cautious, and aware of the people in the vehicles around you.

The holidays and New Year’s Eve in Myrtle Beach are an especially dangerous time on the roads because:

  • More people are drinking, and more people are drinking to excess before driving;
  • Many people who are on the roads are not familiar with the local area and may become confused or lost;
  • People feel more stress during the holidays which means people on the road may be more likely to experience road rage and make bad driving decisions; and
  • Even if you are not drinking, other drivers are, and you can experience a crash through no fault of your own.

Don’t cause unnecessary risks by drinking or driving carelessly, drive defensively, and be aware that there will be careless and reckless people on the road tonight.


What happens if you are in a car crash in Myrtle Beach, but you live in another state?

At the Accident Scene

If you are able:

  • Take pictures or video of any damage to the vehicles, injuries to yourself or others, and the roadway;
  • Write down the names and contact information for any potential witnesses – although law enforcement should do this when they arrive, they often don’t. Once witnesses leave the scene, we may not be able to locate them again if law enforcement did not record their information;
  • Ensure that law enforcement has accurate information about what happened – remember that the attorneys, insurance company, and courts will rely on the police report for the facts;
  • Do not refuse treatment if it is offered – let the EMTs check you out and, if they recommend it, go to the ER to have your injuries treated; and
  • Remain calm – you may be justifiably angry that the other driver caused the accident, but now is not the time to express that to them…

Do not attempt to gather evidence unless you can do it safely – follow instructions from law enforcement and, most importantly, ensure that you and anyone else who was injured get help immediately.

After the Accident

Immediately call a Myrtle Beach auto accident attorney – if possible, meet with your attorney before you leave town.

Seek emergency treatment immediately if needed, and, if you are still in town, follow up treatment with a local doctor. When you return home, see your doctor at home and follow through with any treatment that is needed. Make sure that your attorney has contact information for all doctors that you see.

Your attorney will need to investigate the crash, let the insurance company know that you have retained counsel, and begin gathering medical records and other potential evidence as soon as possible.

Where Do You File the Lawsuit?

In most cases, you will need to make your insurance claim and file the personal injury lawsuit in the county and state where the accident happened – that’s Horry County, South Carolina if the accident happened in the Myrtle Beach area.

You will also need an experienced car wreck lawyer who is licensed in the state where the accident happened – the Myrtle Beach personal injury lawyers on the Axelrod team are licensed to practice law in South Carolina and our primary office is in Myrtle Beach, SC.

We have been successfully handling auto accidents for our clients for many years in the Myrtle Beach area, and we know exactly what to do to ensure that you are protected and to maximize your chance of receiving full and fair compensation for your injuries.

Will I Need to Come Back to Myrtle Beach if I had a Car Crash There?

We are able to investigate, gather evidence, and negotiate a settlement for some of our out-of-state clients without the need for them to return to Myrtle Beach.

Although we are able to do this in many cases, in many other cases our clients need to return for legal proceedings. Although it may not be necessary, you should assume that you will need to return for depositions, settlement conferences, mediation, and the trial of your case.


The Axelrod team wishes everyone happy holidays and a happy New Year. We also wish everyone a safe New Year’s Eve.

If the unexpected happens and you find yourself in a car crash or other accident caused by someone else’s carelessness, call your SC personal injury lawyer on the Axelrod team. We will meet with you, evaluate your case, and help you to recover the maximum amount of damages that you are entitled to whenever possible.

Call Axelrod and Associates now at 843-353-3449 or fill out our online form to set up a free consultation and case review with a Myrtle Beach auto accident attorney on the Axelrod team today.

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