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Reducing the stress of a collision while on vacation

Reducing the stress of a collision while on vacation
Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

The beach is a popular destination for many families who are on break from school and/or work. Perhaps you and your family recently set out to enjoy the view of the ocean in South Carolina only to have an accident interrupt your vacation time.

While you may have been looking forward to this trip for months, being involved in a collision probably wasn’t part of your original plans. However, if you have a general idea of what to do after an accident, the process might go more smoothly.

Reducing the stress of a car accident

Car accidents can be stressful and daunting incidents, perhaps even more so when one occurs while on vacation. Although the thought of having to deal with the stress of a collision isn’t a pleasant one, knowing the steps to take when one occurs could prove exceedingly beneficial, and some tips on what to do could include the following:

  • Reach a safe spot: If possible, moving your vehicle away from traffic is likely a wise move, provided it is safe to do so.
  • Assess the situation: While assessing the damage to your vehicle may be necessary, first you might want to check on the safety and condition of everyone involved and call for medical attention if needed.
  • Obtain information: Exchanging information with the other party or parties is another crucial step, which should be limited to contact and insurance information. In addition, speaking with any potential witnesses during this period could prove beneficial for the road ahead.
  • Take pictures: If able, you might want to take pictures of the scene, as these may also be helpful down the road.
  • Get a police report: Notifying the police of the incident is often necessary, especially if extensive damage or serious injuries occur. If police are involved, you might want to consider obtaining a copy of the official police report.

You may also want to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to inform it of the accident, but experts recommend you be careful what you say. If the other driver was at fault, his or her insurer might contact you to offer an early settlement, and while this may seem enticing at first, holding off to ensure you are aware of all injuries before negotiating could be in your best interests. An attorney can help you respond to insurance adjusters without jeopardizing your claim.

Pursuing compensation for injuries

Along with the potential stress of dealing with a collision while on vacation, you might be experiencing the pain and suffering that often accompanies serious injuries. If so, you may wish to pursue restitution for damages, but the process can be intimidating at best, especially in an unfamiliar setting. You could speak with someone who is knowledgeable of state laws surrounding the incident for guidance throughout this period, which might prove helpful in pursuing the compensation you deserve through the necessary outlets.

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