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South Carolina Crime Rate by City 2024

South Carolina Crime Rate by City 2024
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South Carolina has above-average crime rates for both violent crimes and property crimes. By understanding the crime rates near you and in other locations in the state, you can better remain vigilant and protect yourself. A South Carolina attorney can help if you have been accused of a crime in the state or if you have suffered a personal injury due to a crime that was committed.

Overall Crime Rates in South Carolina

The South Carolina’s State Law Enforcement Division (SLED) in 2021 reviews criminal offense counts and crime rates in the state and in individual counties. This report looks at crime rates per 10,000 units of population.

The violent crime rate in 2021 was 52.59, which decreased 5.1% from 2020, when it was 55.41. Violent crimes include murder, sexual battery, aggravated assault, and robbery. In 2021, there were 2,639 instances of robbery, with a rate of 5.08 per 10,000. Richland County had the highest robbery rate at 10.06, followed by Charleston County at 9.32.

Aggravated assault crimes in South Carolina had a rate of 41.57 per 10,000. Aggravated assaults were most frequently committed by an intimate partner, acquaintance, or family member. Dillion County had the highest rate, with 148.47 per 10,000.

The property crime rate in 2021 was 258.29, which was a 9% decrease from 283.83 the year prior. Property crimes include breaking and entering, larceny, arson, and vehicle theft. These crimes have no direct confrontation with the victim of the crime. Dillion County had the highest rate for larceny in property crimes, with a rate of 312.24 per 10,000.

Dangerous Cities and Their Crime Rates in South Carolina

Based on data from the Uniform Crime Reporting Program (UCRP) covering crime rates per 1,000 residents from 2019 to 2021, the following cities are considered the most dangerous due to their high violent crime rates per 1,000 residents:

  1. Orangeburg, with a population of 12,335, a 61.86 violent crime rate, and a 170.00 overall crime rate
  2. Darlington, with a population of 5,856, a 57.55 violent crime rate, and a 175.89 overall crime rate
  3. Clinton, with a population of 8,288, a 54.17 violent crime rate, and a 169.04 overall crime rate
  4. Cayce, with a population of 14,088 and a 52.46 violent crime rate
  5. Hartsville, with a population of 7,454, a 50.58 violent crime rate, and a 216.80 overall crime rate
  6. Myrtle Beach, with a population of 36,543, a 49.31 violent crime rate, and a 226.04 overall crime rate
  7. Camden, with a population of 7,335 and a 45.13 violent crime rate
  8. Union, with a population of 7,458 and a 44.52 violent crime rate

Safest Cities in South Carolina

Based on the same 2019-2021 data from the UCRP, the following are considered some of the cities ranked as having the lowest violent crime rate per 1,000:

  1. Mount Pleasant, with a population of 95,657, a violent crime rate of 5.01, and an overall crime rate of 24.78
  2. Bluffton, with a population of 30,519, a violent crime rate of 5.01, and an overall crime rate of 27.20
  3. Tega Cay, with a population of 12,178, a violent crime rate of 6.08, and an overall crime rate of 48.04
  4. Fort Mill, with a population of 26,923, a violent crime rate of 6.50, and an overall crime rate of 21.80
  5. Travelers Rest, with a population of 8,297, a violent crime rate of 6.51, and an overall crime rate of 53.27

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, with a population of 95,657, is one of the safest cities in the state.

The county with the lowest property crime rate was McCormick County, with 66 per 10,000, and McCormick County had the second-lowest violent crime rate at 18 per 10,000. McCormick County has a 2021 population of 9,760 and includes McCormick, Mount Carmel, Plum Branch, Clarks Hill, Parksville, Willington, and Modoc, South Carolina. The city of McCormick, in 2019, saw ten violent crimes and 52 property crimes in total and had a population of 2,298.


Q: What Is the Crime Rate in South Carolina Compared to Other States?

A: South Carolina has a violent crime rate of 5.4 per 1,000 residents as of 2021 when compared to a rate of four per 1,000 residents as the national average. From 2020 to 2021, the violent crime rate decreased by 5.1% in the state. Property crimes had a rate of 25.88 per 1,000 people in the state in 2021, compared to the national median of 19 per 1,000 residents. South Carolina is one of the more dangerous states in the U.S. by crime rates.

Q: What City Has the Lowest Crime Rate in South Carolina?

A: The county with the lowest violent crime rate in South Carolina as of 2021 was Edgefield County, with a rate of five per 10,000 county population units, and the county had the second-lowest property crime rate of 78 per 10,000. Edgefield County includes Edgefield, Johnston, and Trenton, South Carolina, and had a 2021 population of 26,153.

Q: Is South Carolina a Safe State to Live In?

A: South Carolina is considered one of the more dangerous states based on crime statistics, as the state has higher rates for violent and property crime than the average and median of the county. However, this does not make the entire state a dangerous location to visit or live in. There are many safe and low-crime locations, and statewide crime rates have been largely decreasing. Still, it is important to remain cautious and diligent.

Q: Where Does South Carolina Rank in Crime?

A: In the country, South Carolina ranks as the 46th state for crime and corrections according to the U.S. News & World Report in 2021, based on public safety and the outcomes of criminal corrections. Public safety is based on both violent and property crime rates, and criminal corrections is based on the incarceration rate, juvenile incarceration, and racial parity. South Carolina was the 42nd state in an overall ranking.

Protecting Your Rights with a South Carolina Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in South Carolina, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. At Axelrod & Associates, P.A., we have worked for years in criminal defense law to protect our community. Contact us today.

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