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What happens if you get a drug charge on vacation/spring break?

What happens if you get a drug charge on vacation/spring break?
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Vacations are typically when people let loose and allow themselves to get a little wild. Unfortunately, some people planning vacations to South Carolina will go too far on their vacation. They end up breaking the law, possibly in the pursuit of something a little stronger than a cocktail on the beach.

It is sadly a reality for many South Carolina vacationers and spring break visitors that their time in the Palmetto State eventually leads to criminal charges. Even if marijuana is legal in the state where you are from or you have a prescription but forgot to bring your medication, your attempts to connect with certain substances while on vacation in South Carolina can easily lead to drug charges.

What happens when a police officer arrests you on a family vacation or spring break for a drug offense in South Carolina but you are from elsewhere?


Attorneys take the bar exam and secure licensing to practice on a state level. If you are from Michigan or North Carolina, an attorney in your home state won’t have the necessary license to practice in South Carolina. They also will lack the knowledge necessary regarding state statutes and court precedent.

When you have a criminal defense attorney representing you in the state, you may not even need to be physically present for hearings. They can enter a plea on your behalf and minimize your need to travel back to the state.


The most common response to pending criminal charges is just to enter a guilty plea. Especially when the charge is from another state, you might assume that it won’t have much impact on you. However, it could very easily turn up on background checks performed by employers or landlords in your home state.

If you are a college student or high school student on vacation or spring break, a drug offense in South Carolina could have implications for your eligibility for student aid, especially if you were receiving student aid at the time of your arrest. Even if you avoid jail time, your criminal record will have a chilling effect on your opportunities in life.

Defending yourself is a valid choice. Although people sometimes assume that a judge in South Carolina would be lenient because of how many tourists break the law, the opposite might actually be the case. The judge could impose the worst penalties possible if you plead guilty to deter others from coming to South Carolina and breaking the law while here.

Understanding the possible consequences and getting the right help can make it easier for those who break drug laws while on vacation or spring break in South Carolina to move on from that mistake.

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