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Workers’ compensation forms in sc

Workers’ compensation forms in sc
Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

Worker’s compensation forms in SC must be completed and submitted to the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission at every stage of the process – from filing an initial claim through the final settlement of the workers’ comp case.

All these forms are not intended for the claimant to file, although some must be filed by the claimant or their attorney like the Form 50 Claimant’s Notice of Claim and Request for Hearing.

If you are represented by counsel, most of the forms are intended for use by your employer, the attorneys in the case, or the court. If you are not sure whether you need to submit a workers’ compensation form in your case or what the deadlines are, talk to your Myrtle Beach worker’s compensation attorney on the Axelrod team to find out what your next steps are.

Whether you are a claimant or an employer, where can you find workers’ compensation forms and instructions for how to use them? Are there filing fees?


Workers’ compensation forms in SC are available on the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission’s website. They can be completed on the computer with on a PDF, or they can be printed and filled out manually before filing.

Although most forms are self-explanatory, some also include instructions, refer to the relevant regulations, and have a phone number that you can call if you have questions.

Self-Insurance Forms

Applications for self-insurance and related forms are available on the website, including:

  • Form 6 Application to Create a Self-Insurance Fund;
  • Form 6A Application for Membership in a Self-Insured Fund;
  • Form 7 Application to Individually Self-Insure;
  • Form 7A Corporate Guaranty;
  • Form 8 SC Workers’ Com. Comm. Bond Required of Employer Carrying His Own Risk;
  • Form 8B Irrevocable Letter of Credit;
  • Form 10 South CarolinaSelf-Insurance Tax Form; and
  • Form 11 Fund Quarterly Financial Report.

Claims Forms

Claims forms include documents that must be completed by claimants or their employers, including the Form 50 Notice of Claim and Request for Hearing that must be filed within two years of the injury (or Form 52 Notice of Claim and Request for Hearing in Death Cases).

The claims forms available on the SC Workers’ Compensation website include:

  • Form 12A First Report of Injury;
  • Form 12M Annual Minor Medical Report;
  • Form 14A Health Insurance Claim Form;
  • Form 14B Physician’s Statement;
  • Form 15 Temporary Compensation Report;
  • Form 15S Supplemental Report of Varying Temporary Partial Payments;
  • Form 16 Agreement for Permanent Disability/Disfigurement Compensation;
  • Form 16A Agreement for Permanent Disability/Disfigurement Compensation;
  • Form 17 Receipt of Compensation;
  • Form 18 Periodic Report;
  • Form 19 Saturation Report and Compensation Report;
  • Form 20 Statement of Earnings of Injured Employee;
  • Form 24 Application for Lump Sum Award;
  • Form 50 Employee’s Notice of Claim and or Request for Hearing;
  • Form 52 Employee’s Notice of Claim and/or Request for Hearing, Death Case;
  • Form 61 Attorney Fee Petition;
  • Form S-1 Notice of Third-Party Action Employee Carrier; and
  • Form S-2 Notice of Third-Party Action Employee.

Judicial Forms

The list of “judicial forms” includes forms for subpoenas, employer “answers,” the mediator’s report, and other court documents:

  • Form 21 Employer’s Request for Hearing;
  • Form 30 Request for Commission Review;
  • Form 32 Request to Waive Appeal Filing Fee;
  • Form 33 Hearing Postponed;
  • Form 51 Employer’s Answer to Request for Hearing;
  • Form 53 Employer’s Answer to Request for Hearing, Death Case;
  • Form 54 Employer’s Notice of Claim and/or Request for Hearing;
  • Form 55 Second Injury Fund’s Answer to Employee’s Request for Hearing;
  • Form 58 Pre-Hearing Brief;
  • Form 59 Appellant’s Informational Brief;
  • Form 65 Occupational Disease Waiver; and
  • Form 70 Mediator Report.


On the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission’s website, each form also lists the filing fee required. If a filing fee is listed, it must accompany the documents when they are filed.

When is a Filing Fee Required for Workers’ Compensation Forms in SC?

There is a $50.00 filing fee for:

  • Clinchers, Settlements, Motions;
  • Consent Orders that operate as a final settlement;
  • A Consent Order that is reached when no hearing is pending;
  • Letters, motions, etc. requesting a dependency hearing;
  • Third-Party Settlements;
  • Motions for Relief of Counsel; and
  • Motions to add a party.

Forms that do not Require a Filing Fee

No filing fees are required for:

  • Requests for informal conferences and approval of Form 16 as a result of the viewing;
  • Requests for Protection;
  • Motions to appoint a guardian ad litem;
  • Hearings set on the Commission’s Motions due to no agreement being reached at the informal conference;
  • Letters adding an attorney; or
  • Motions for substitution of counsel within the same firm.

When Do I Need to File Workers’ Compensation Forms in SC?

If you are not sure which forms you need to file or when, talk to your workers’ compensation lawyer at Axelrod and Associates, who can give you advice on your specific situation – in most cases, your attorney will file the forms for you or give you specific instructions about what you need to do.


If you have been injured at work and believe you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, your SC workers’ compensation attorney can help you to file your claim, negotiate with the insurance company, present your medical evidence, and file any necessary appeals.

Call now and schedule a free consultation with a Myrtle Beach worker’s compensation lawyer on the Axelrod team. Call us at 843-916-9300 or fill out our contact form today.

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