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Elder law: an important estate planning focus

Elder law: an important estate planning focus
Axelrod & Associates, P.A.

The estate planning sphere encompasses concepts and tools that are not always crystal clear to the general public.

And that is understandable, given the sheer reach and specific applicability of a planning strategy in any given case.

Candidly, getting started on the planning process can be challenging for many individuals and families across the country, including residents in the Myrtle Beach metropolitan area and other locales spanning eastern South Carolina.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though, especially for prospective planners who timely turn to a proven legal team for on-point and tailored guidance. Legions of people happily discover that planning strategies can be crafted that precisely address and fully promote their concerns, no matter how unique they might seem.

The impressively broad dimensions of estate planning

A common belief concerning estate planning is that it primarily makes sense only for extremely wealthy individuals and families.

Sound planning outcomes routinely tell a different story. Key goals across a broad spectrum are routinely promoted for virtually every demographic, regardless of age, financial reserves, relational status, family composition or other factors. One authoritative legal overview on estate planning and administration underscores planning solutions relevant to wide-ranging matters, including these:

  • Asset protection and distribution
  • Will execution
  • Probate guidance/administration
  • Powers of attorney germane to financial and health matters
  • Business succession
  • Special needs of a loved one
  • Guardianships and conservatorships
  • Trust creation and administration
  • Elder law

Many of those topics will command a spotlight in future blog posts. Today’s entry takes a specific look at the last bulleted inclusion, namely, elder law.

Far from a few core issues: the broad and dynamic elder law realm

Elder law defies a simple description. In fact, the term can mean quite varied things for different planners. Many matters can come to the fore concerning elder law-linked estate planning, including these:

  • Basic will creation and protective strategies for heirs and beneficiaries
  • Long-term care planning (with a special focus on Medicaid and other potential government benefits)
  • Strategy implementation that safeguards assets from creditors and would-be wrongdoers
  • Named agents entitled to act in select instances involving incapacity
  • Measures taken to enhance privacy (e.g., trust creation that can serve to bypass the probate process)
  • Probate administration and litigation that might result from the estate management process

The latter link above connects to a message emphasizing “the unique legal challenges that elderly clients face.”

Those challenges can be effectively responded to through close and timely input from experienced and empathetic estate planning attorneys.

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